Israel no longer a threat to Iran: IRGC deputy commander

TEHRAN, Sept. 23 (MNA) -- The deputy commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps has said that the Zionist regime no longer constitutes a threat to Iran.

“Today, we have crossed the boundary of concern about the threats of the Zionist regime,” Brigadier General Hossein Salami stated in an interview published on Sepah News, which is the official website of the IRGC, on Sunday.

“Israel has bitter memories of confrontation with regional (allies) of the Islamic Republic during the wars of the past decade. Now, how can it be a threat to the Islamic Republic of Iran?”

Salami added, “Only a single infantry battalion of ours would be able to break the back of this regime, which only has a width of 24 kilometers in some areas, in a day.”

“Iran has reached such a zenith that an attack on it is no longer put on the political agenda of the superpowers. The level of deterrence has risen to the extent that the idea of starting and imposing another war no longer exists in the mind and belief of all the major powers, and Islamic Iran is a known great power,” he said.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the IRGC deputy commander stated, “Our doctrines are defensive at the level of (grand) strategy, but our strategies and tactics are offensive. This means that we will not start a war, but if someone starts a war against us, we will be all offensive and will attack relentlessly and will not stop.”

“Our missile capability (is such that we) can target and largely destroy any enemy base in the region at any distance. We have the expertise to manufacture all modern missiles,” he added.

Israel’s bark is worse than its bite: Majlis speaker

Iranian Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said on Sunday that the isolated Zionist regime has been left with no option but to shout and threaten Iran.

Commenting on the wave of the Islamic Awakening rolling across the Muslim world, Larijani stated, “The dictators subservient to Western countries have fallen, and more important than this is Israel’s isolation, and now, Israel has no other option but to shout to save itself and say, ‘I am alive.’”

The fact that Israel has been isolated is a “very important” issue, Larijani said, adding, “It is threatening Iran to stabilize its situation.”


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