Raeisi trip to Indonesia step towards boosting ties with East

TEHRAN, May 23 (MNA) – Dr. Raeisi, the President of Iran, made a two-day visit to Indonesia at the official invitation of the President of Indonesia to discuss important issues in various sectors, from economic to foreign and regional policy.

Mr. Raeisi's visit to Indonesia should be analyzed in the framework of the 13th government's approach of looking to the East, an approach that is also approved by the supreme leader of the revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei.

Considering the lack of trust of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Western countries, due to their hostile behavior towards Iran in the past decades, strengthening relations with the East is on the agenda of Mr. Raeisi's government. The Iranian government tries to give priority to the development of relations with neighboring countries Asian and friendly countries, especially in the geography of the Islamic world.

Indonesia is the most populous Muslim country that has had close relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran for a long time. A country with a population of more than 250 million people, so that the relations between the two countries started in 1950 and have grown significantly since the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

Indonesia is a member of the Non-Aligned Movement and a member of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the World Trade Organization, and also the D8 group, which consists of eight Muslim countries, a country with rich resources and a suitable population, and relations with this country will lead to significant achievements for Iran and Indonesia in the economic, international and cultural fields can have significant two-way communication with each other.

Indonesia is one of the countries of the "ASEAN" union in Southeast Asia, which includes 10 countries so Iran is considered a dialogue partner of this union; Therefore, the regulation of Iran's economic relations with this union and Indonesia can lead to the strengthening of Iran's multilateral cooperation. Considering that Iran is considered an important member of ECO in West Asia and its ECO-AS cooperation has been on the agenda for many years, therefore, in this trip More depth has been given to said collaborations. In the economic aspect, Iran and Indonesia can have significant cooperation in the energy sector, and on the other hand, this time to reach Central Asia and the Caucasus in the form of combined transportation from the sea route to Bandar Abbas port and the countries of Central Asia, Caucasus and even Europe. It is very important for Indonesia's export and import.

Regarding other commonalities between the two countries, especially in the issue of supporting the resistance, Indonesia has the same opinion with Iran on the issue of supporting the oppressed people of Palestine. In addition, the people of this country are interested in the freedom of Palestine and protest against the crimes of the Zionist regime, which has always been one of the topics of cooperation between Iran and Indonesia in international forums.

In general, it can be said that the relations between the two countries can find wider dimensions after Mr. Raeisi's visit to this country. Considering that Indonesia is one of the founders of the non-alignment movement, at a time when the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the pioneers in the fight against unilateralism in the world and one of the countries that strengthen multilateralism, the relations between Iran and Indonesia can strengthen the relations of countries that oppose the global dictatorship by They are a pole, so cooperation between Iran and Indonesia in this direction can lead to the strengthening of multilateralism.

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