Raeisi urges for Muslims unity to nuteralize enemies plots

TEHRAN, May 23 (MNA) – President Ebrahim Raeisi said the time for unilateral and attempts to dominate other countries is over, adding Tehran will further expand its ties with Muslim countries more than before.

Speaking at Jakarta Islamic Center on Tuesday afternoon on the first day of the visit to Indonesia, the Iranian president said "Those who create division and shed blood in the Islamic society under the name of Islam and religion by no means have to do anything with Islam and the Qur'an."

He continued, "Islamic countries today must have very close relations with each other."

Raisi emphasized, "Today, the Zionist regime is violating the rights of the Palestinian people. Those who oppress Muslims cannot continue their oppression if they see the Muslims unity and the awakening."

He continued, "The purpose of my trip is to develop political, economic, commercial, cultural and civilizational relations between Iran and Indonesia."

Stating that Iran and Indonesia's resolve to develop their bilateral relations is evident, Raeisi said, "We have good relations with Indonesia, but the current level of relations is not enough."

He said, "We must try to save the Palestinian people. Our Muslimness depends on paying attention to the oppressed and deprived Muslims in the world. We have a duty towards all the oppressed in the world. We feel a duty towards any oppressed in Yemen, Palestine, Afghanistan, Myanmar, etc."

Stating that today's enemy seeks to create division and sedition in the Islamic Umma, Raeisi said, "The enemy once resorts creating ISIL, another time to the media empire, and sometimes resorts to insulting the Holy Prophet, etc. in a bid to divide the Umma and break the unity of Muslims."

Stating that the hegemonic system seeks to continue its hegemony in the world, the president emphasized, "The reason for the animosity towards the Islamic Republic today is because the Islamic Republic does not want to obey the rules of the hegemonic system."

Stating that the era of America and the domination system is over, he addressed the US and the hegemony-seeking system, "If you are looking for democracy, let them decide for their own fate in Palestine. America and the West lie when they say that they want democracy. Let them decide for themselves in Yemen and Afghanistan, why are you interfering in their affairs? Western countries and America are not looking for democracy, they seek hegemony and looting of the wealth of other nations."

Addressing the enemies, Raeisi continued, "Our foreign policy is to expand relations with Islamic countries. We continue to have cordial relations with Islamic countries, and these relations will become broader and more cordial as time passes."

He added, "The developments are advancing in favor of the Resistance Front and against the enemies of Islam. Let the enemies die of anger in the face of our expanded relations with Islamic countries."


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