Liberation of Quds most important issue of world of Islam

TEHRAN, May 04 (MNA) – The Iranian president in a meeting with a group of Palestinian Resistance commanders said that Muslims must use all their capacities to achieve the violated rights of Palestine and the freedom of the Holy Quds.

During his official two-day visit to Syria, Ebrahim Raeisi had separate meetings with a group of leaders and commanders of the Islamic Resistance and Palestinian thinkers on Thursday morning, and emphasized, "The issue of Palestine and the freedom of Quds is the most important issue of the World of Islam today, which should not be forgotten."

The President added, "The Islamic Republic always pursues the issue of Palestine as a priority in its foreign policy, and we believe that all the equations of the World of Islam are defined under this issue."

Stating that the enemy has come to the field with all its forces to fight for the rights of the Palestinians, the President said, "Muslims must also use all their capacities to achieve the violated rights of Palestine and the freedom of the Holy Quds."

Referring to the psychological warfare of the domination system for the survival of the Zionist Regime, the Iranian president said, "By launching a combined war, the enemies seek to instil in the Palestinians that your fate and life depend on the existence of the Zionist Regime and that the survival of this regime is unquestionable and must be accepted by Muslims."

The President considered the conclusion of agreements such as Camp David, Sharm el-Sheikh, and Oslo and the proposals that have been made for the normalization of relations with Islamic countries as efforts for the survival of the Zionist Regime and added, "They forced some governments to resume relations with the Zionists, but what happened in action was the Regime's violation of the agreement and continued violation of Palestinians' rights and murder and looting."

Referring to the recent crime committed by the Zionist Regime in the attack on Al-Aqsa Mosque and the killing of fasting worshipers, Raeisi continued, "It reached a point where the supporters of the normalization of relations faced the protests and questions of their own people and realized that there is no other way but to resist and stand against this regime."

Emphasizing that today it has been proven that resistance is the only way to confront Israel and contribute to the advancement of the World of Islam, the President referred to the failure of the American hegemony and the Zionist Regime in the Islamic world and stated, "Today more than ever, the unity and cohesion of the resistance forces, the region, and the Islamic world is necessary to accelerate the defeat of the Zionist Regime and the liberation of the Holy Quds and the sovereignty of the Palestinians over their destiny."

Stating that today the initiative is in the hands of Palestinian warriors in the field, not behind the negotiation tables, Raeisi said, "We consider the collapse of the Zionist Regime, whose effects are visible, to be very close."

On this basis, the President pointed out that the only solution for Palestine is government rule based on the will of the Palestinians, and if the Westerners claim democracy, they should accept the Palestinian people's vote and be committed to its result."

President Raeisi thanked the nation and government of Syria, the resistance leaders and the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank, Lebanon's Hezbollah and Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah for standing up against the Zionist Regime and creating hope in the Islamic world and said, "God willing, we will see the liberation of Quds soon and pray in this holy place."


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