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One killed, two injured in attack on Azeri embassy (+VIDEO)

One killed, two injured in attack on Azeri embassy (+VIDEO)

TEHRAN, Jan. 27 (MNA) – Tehran police commander said a gunman who assaulted the Azerbaijani Embassy compound in Tehran on Friday morning was detained by the police immediately after the action.

Brigadier General Rahimi, the Iranian capital police chief, announced the arrest of a person who entered the Azerbaijan embassy with a firearm on Friday morning while one of the embassy staff was entering the embassy.

"This person entered the Azerbaijan embassy with a firearm (AK-47 rifle) this morning. One person was killed and two were injured in his assault," Rahimi said.

"Through the swift police action, the attacker was immediately arrested and was put under investigation."

Saying that the attacker entered the embassy with his two young children, the Tehran police chief added, "preliminary investigation shows that the attacker's motive was personal and family problems."

The Tehran criminal court prosecutor said that in the preliminary investigation, the defendant claimed that in April last year, his wife went to the Azerbaijan embassy in Tehran and did not return home.

The judicial official added that the individual had said he had received any response from the embassy during his repeated visits to the compound in Tehran and had thought that his wife was hiding there in Tehran and was not willing to meet with him.

The prosecutor further quoted the attacker as saying "This morning I decided to go to the embassy with the Kalashnikov rifle that I had already prepared."

He further said the attacker had told the judicial officials that his motive for attacking the embassy in Tehran was totally personal. 

The following video footage shows the moment when the attacker entered the embassy.

The Iranian foreign ministry has strongly condemned the attack and offered condolences to Azerbaijan Republic.

The Azerbaijani foreign ministry has said in a statement that the head of the embassy's security team was killed while two other members of the team were injured in the assault.

The following video shows the moment the attacker enters the embassy building following the security staff:

According to video footage of interrogation with the attacker, which has just been released by the Tehran police, he says he had registered the name of his wife as missing in Urnia city in northwestern Iran and had gone to the embassy several times to ask why his wife had not returned to him from Baku, where she was from. 

The gunman claimed that his wife would have wanted to go back to her family but they had not allowed her to return. He further claimed they were holding his wife in the top floor of the embassy.

He tells the Tehran police in the video that he had two guns (a pistol and an AK-47 rifle). 


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