US sacrifices Ukraine to control Europe

TEHRAN, May 08 (MNA) – Chinese Vice Foreign Minister said that the US hopes to “add fuel to the fire” and hinder the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, adding that the US purpose is to sacrifice Ukraine to control Europe and weaken Russia.

Since the Russia-Ukraine crisis, China has adhered to the UN Charter and the principle of indivisible security, making efforts to promote peace and negotiation and actively participating in humanitarian assistance without making calculations or seeking private gain, said Le Yucheng in a think tank panel on Friday.

But some major powers have not encouraged peace talks and even threatened to use the Ukraine crisis to weaken Russia, he added, according to Global Times. 

“What they care about is neither the peace talks nor the safety of the Ukrainian people. They regard Ukraine as a consumable material and cannon fodder to bring down Russia, and use the lives of Ukrainians to satisfy their own great power ambitions and achieve their own geostrategic goals,” he said.

With the Russia-Ukraine crisis, the US allows suffering in Europe while it earns huge profits from the war, as both its military-industrial complex and energy sector record growing sales. At the same time, it only accepts a few dozen refugees. This might explain why they hope to “add fuel to the fire” and hinder the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, the Chinese official said, noting that the US purpose is obvious: sacrifice Ukraine to control Europe, weaken Russia and extend its hegemony. 


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