Russia to vote against any anti-Iranian resolution at BoG

TEHRAN, Sep. 10 (MNA) – Emphasizing Moscow's opposition to any possible anti-Iranian resolution at the IAEA Board of Governors, the Russian senior diplomat said that there is no need for such a detrimental resolution.

In reaction to some comments that the United States and the European Troika are trying to persuade Russia to abstain from voting on a possible anti-Iranian resolution in the Board of Governors, the Russian Permanent Representative to the International Organizations in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov in a tweet on Friday wrote, " There should be no illusion. If a draft resolution on #Iran is tabled in the #IAEA Board of Governors Russia will vote against."

"As I tweeted yesterday there is no need for a resolution which would be not only senseless but extremely detrimental. Let’s better count on diplomacy," he added.

His tweet came Wall Street Journalist Laurence Norman in a series of tweets wrote, "Here’s my sense of where things stand today ahead of Paris E3, @Rob_Malley meeting. There’s no doubt the meeting is going to be an important one. But maybe not decisive for a decision on resolution. I suspect E3, US will want to use every last drop of time before making a decision, to see if #Iran takes some action on talks restart, monitoring equipment or some safeguards discussions."

"What I hear is the US will not stand in the way of E3 if they want to go ahead. Not clear to me right now how keen/unkeen the US are. The UK, then France in vanguard. I think the EU side is pretty wary and @HeikoMaas gave sense this week that resuming talks and getting a deal is the priority though he didn’t voice opposition to the resolution. I think the E3/US would love to persuade Russia to at least abstain if they go ahead," he added.

Next week's meeting of the Board of Governors on Iran comes as Rafael Grossi, Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), claimed on Tuesday that the IAEA's activities in Iran have been severely undermined.

Earlier, Iran’s ambassador to the Vienna-based international organizations warned of unconstructive action by the IAEA, saying that any counterproductive action disrupts the negotiation process.

Kazem Gharibabadi in a tweet on late Thursday wrote, "@iaeaorg cannot disassociate itself from the destiny of the JCPOA.

"Any counterproductive action disrupts the negotiation process," he added, saying, "Of course, I hope that wisdom prevails in the BoG next week: cooperation for cooperation, goodwill for goodwill and action for action."

Stating that "depoliticization, impartiality, independence and professionalism are essential for the credibility of @iaeaorg and MSs’ trust in its work," he added, "The Agency should plan for increasing cooperation and interaction with its MS’s rather to incept mistrust."

Meanwhile, Russian senior diplomat Mikhail Ulyanov on Wednesday warned that at the next meeting of the IAEA Board of Governors, the Governors should not create conditions that would adversely affect the prospects of the Vienna Talks on JCPOA.

Talks between Iran and the five involved countries (Russia, the UK, China, France, and Germany) have been going on in Vienna since April. Their aim is restoring the original nuclear deal, which implies the removal of US sanctions imposed on Iran, compliance with nuclear obligations by Iran, and the United States’ return to the accord. Representatives of the JCPOA members are also holding separate consultations with the US delegation without Iran’s participation. All the delegations involved initially hoped to complete the work in late May, after which they revised the date to early June.


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