IRGC's mission is production of power: statement

TEHRAN, Feb. 09 (MNA) – The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) said its forces will not allow anyone to violate the independence, security and territorial integrity of the country.

In a statement issued on the occasion of the 42nd anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) said, "We will not allow anyone to violate the independence, security and territorial integrity of this land."

"Despite all the global pressures, widespread wars, economic and political sanctions, extensive scientific and technical sieges and blockades of political paths, as well as psychological and media wars, conspiracies and internal threats, the Islamic Revolution is moving forward with more vigor than before," the statement read.

"The Islamic Revolution has become an indisputable reality of the present age in the face of the decline of domineering and arrogant powers."

The statement described the victory of the Islamic Revolution as the beginning of geopolitical developments and a strategic gap in the power bloc and the upset of the balance of power and the entry of the Islamic world into the field of power acting.

By naming the amazing achievements and progress of the country after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in various fields in spite of the conspiracies and plans of the enemy for hard, soft and smart overthrow, the statement noted, "A comprehensive list of achievements and progress of the Islamic Iran in important areas such as reviving religious identity and democracy, political independence, stability and internal security, promoting the discourse of resistance and fighting against arrogance, as well as in the fields of science and technology, energy, health, nuclear energy, and defence deterrence, shows the brilliant performances of Islamic Revolution."

The statement also pointed to conspiracies and evil plans of the terrorist and criminal regime of the United States of America against the Islamic Revolution and the Iranian nation during the last 42 years, describing the absolute defeat of the White House against the greatness and authority of the Revolution in the anti-Iranian scene as the undoubted strategy of the ruling governments of this country.

"The people of Iran are celebrating the forty-second anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution while seven American presidents were trying to weaken the Revolution and destroy the Islamic Republic, each was humiliatingly defeated, and it is Islamic Iran and the honorable nation of Iran that stand on the lofty peak of dignity and greatness."

Referring to the enemy's miscalculations against the Islamic Republic, which has revealed the decline of the White House's reputation, the statement highlighted, "The unity and presence of the people are one of the components of national power and the key to the continuation of the rapid progress of the Islamic Revolution."

"The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and other armed forces and defenders of the Revolution and the country, considered the production of power and deterrence in accordance with regional and international requirements and growth to strengthen lasting national security as its serious and uninterrupted mission."

IRGC also assured the Iranian nation that it will give a definite response to enemies with the support of people in case of any threat and aggression. 

"We will not allow anyone to violate the independence, security and territorial integrity of this land," it stressed.


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