Martyr Soleimani global figure of West Asia

TEHRAN, Oct. 22 (MNA) – Head of the Public Relations and Information Centre of the 16th Resistance International Film Festival said that Martyred Soleimani created a new version of Western Asia.

‏Head of the Public Relations and Information Centre of the 16th Resistance International Film Festival, Seyyed Ahad Mikaeilzadeh, said during the past two decades the activities in Western Asia, the people awakening, counter-terrorism efforts, the unity of nations in the resistance movement, paying due attention to ethnic and racial identities and their unity to fight colonialism, widespread victories in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen have paved the way for portraying martyred military commander Qassem Soleimania an attractive and global figure who has created a new version of Western Asia.

‏In an interview with Al-Menar, he said the new West Asia can have turned into a united cultural and economic region comprising allied countries of the resistance movement that can shape new transactions among these nations in the field of cultural, social, and economic issues and become a model for other regions of the world that are prone to awakening.

‏The logical continuation of martyred Soleimani's path in the region among the awakened and allied nations should be formed in the way that the cultural front of the resistance axis could become expanded more than before and the cultural, artistic, and media relations could be fostered in the same direction.

‏“Given to the spread of the festival in different parts of the world including North America, Africa, Central Asia, the Caucasus, East of Asia and the Middle East, this cinematic event could be considered as a venue for expanding all-out cooperation among the regional countries,” he said.

‏He underscored that the film and media festivals should define several functions as follows:

‏-Identify the capacities of resistance-oriented artists and introduce their soft power.

‏-Uncover the real face of terrorist groups with the medium of cinema.

‏-Cinema can portray the real face of Al-Qaeda and its branches in different countries, Daesh and its branches, al-Nusra Front and other extremist armed groups, and show the truth to the youth and audiences in the region and other parts of the world.

‏-Paying due attention to the resistance axis and the martyrs and the well-wishers of the people of the region is one of the topics that filmmakers and media people should be perused in the region because the martyrs and heroes of the resistance axis are and were the pulse and spirit of the people's resistance.

‏He added that one of the ways to take revenge on the enemy, the Zionists, and the Hebrew and Arab axes are to highlight the culture of Martyred General Soleimani and other martyrs of the resistance axis by the people of culture and art.

‏Mikaeilzadeh underlined that definitely, this speech of Secretary-General of Lebanon's Hezbollah resistance movement Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah will resonate in the ears of the regional people, and the martyrdom of General Soleimani will mark a new historical source in the region.


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