Iranians not to be brought to their knees in face of pressure

TEHRAN, Jul. 25 (MNA) – Iranian President said that Iranian people have shown that they have enough strength and power to face and resist the pressures and will not be brought to their knees.

Speaking on Saturday at the session of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, President Hassan Rouhani said, "This year, using masks and observing physical distancing by mourners, and not gathering in a place are a part of the gloriousness of Imam Hussein’s (AS) mourning ceremony."

He stressed that the mourning ceremony should be held in a way that it not only does not give a pretext to the enemies, but also makes Iran a model for other countries and Shiites who hold Imam Hussein’s (AS) mourning ceremony.

The President added, "The fact that the Iranian nation stands and resists against America’s bullying is due to learning from the culture of Ashura, and this culture has made our people strong and resilient."

Referring to the good experience of holding religious gatherings during the holy month of Ramadan and the way people followed the protocols during this month, Rouhani said, "Fortunately, holding religious ceremonies during the holy month of Ramadan was such that no one, not even the enemies, could say that Ramadan has helped coronavirus to spread."

“In the month of Muharram, mourning ceremonies should be held so that health protocols are well observed,” said Rouhani.

The President said, "The mourning ceremony itself must be held as glorious as in previous years, with the difference that this year using masks, observing physical distancing and not gathering and crowding in one place will be part of the glory of mourning ceremonies."

Rouhani emphasised, "No one can create a gap between religion and science, and we hope that this year, the Muharram atmosphere, with the efforts of all people involved, will be accompanied by observance of health instructions."

In another part of his speech, Rouhani referred to the sanctions imposed by the enemies in recent years and the conditions that the outbreak of coronavirus in recent months created for the people and made their lives difficult.

He said, "During this two years and a few months of sanctions and five months of fighting coronavirus, the great Iran nation have shown that they have enough strength to withstand the pressures."

The President added, "This great nation has proved well that it will never kneel before the pressure of the enemies, and with the will, help and cooperation of each other, any problem has been made easy for the people."

Referring to the need to create hope in society to solve problems, Rouhani said, "Despair must be eliminated, because if despair pervades society, there will be no success; We always hope for the future and success, and we know that in the end, victory and success will be given to our nation."

The President mentioned proper planning as another requirement needed by the society to overcome the difficulties and problems and added, "Today, all sectors in the country have performed their duties well with proper planning, which we have been able to achieve in the fight against coronavirus."

Rouhani stated, "If we had not produced N-95 masks, ventilators, gowns and medicines in the country and we were looking outwards, we would have faced many problems against coronavirus today."

Stating that today the Iranian nation is present with all its might in the field of production and economic activity, Rouhani said, "The opening of various projects in various sectors, which is being done every Thursday, shows that the country is working hard."

Referring to the need to maintain the vitality and morale of the society, Rouhani said, "If the society loses its morale and suffers from depression and anxiety, it will not be able to succeed in its activities."

Rouhani praised the responsibility and the spirit of sacrifice, cooperation and mutual assistance among the people of Iran, especially on special days of the year such as Arafa and Muharram and Safar.

The President added, "Fortunately, according to reports, in some provinces, with the implementation of protocols and the efforts of the people, we have been able to cross the peak of the disease, and in some provinces, which are entering the peak of the disease, we must apply more care."


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