Saudi Arabia seeking to implement death project in Yemen: Yemeni official

TEHRAN, Apr. 23 (MNA) – The spokesman for the Yemeni Health Ministry said that Saudi Arabia is seeking to implement a death project in Yemen by bombing hospitals and besieging the country.

Even before the Saudi-led invasion, the medical and health condition in Yemen was extremely poor and after six years of aggression, it has now become catastrophic. Hunger and famine on the one hand and the bombing of hospitals and the lack of medical supplies and the siege of the country on the other have caused the people of this country to witness their gradual death.

In an interview with Mehr News Agency, the spokesman for the Yemeni Health Ministry Yusuf al-Hazeri who is affiliated with the Ansarullah’s government referred to this issue and noted, “Before the Saudi-led invasion against Yemen in 2015, medical and health infrastructure of the country was in a poor condition. These infrastructures were weak and fragile due to 40 years of oppression and corruption.”

“When corruption was widespread in Yemen, the rulers of the country were supported by Saudi Arabia. After that, Saudi aggression began, and unfortunately, those weak infrastructures were also destroyed. Hundreds of hospitals, medical and health centers in Yemen were ruined during the invasion in different parts of the country.” He added.

Referring to the impact of Saudi blockade on the health care sector of Yemen he said, “Regarding the geographical blockade, it should be noted that it has closed all land, sea and air passages in the country. It has also caused more problems for the Yemeni health care sector. Thousands of Yemeni patients need to travel abroad to receive treatment, which unfortunately is not possible.”

 "Important and vital medicine cannot be found in Yemen, especially blood products. The confiscation of Yemen's oil and gas resources in Governorates of Shabwah, Marib, and Hadhramaut is another issue that has had a profound influence on Yemen's medical and health sectors.” He noted

Yusuf al-Hazeri further referred to the crimes of the Sauli-led coalition against Yemeni hospitals and medical centers and said, “The comparison of Yemen’s budget before and after the aggression is also significant. It can be said that after the invasion of Saudi Arabia, Yemen can longer allocate any budget to different sectors. The increase in casualties due to the Saudi attacks has also put more pressure on the medical sector of the country.”

“A large number of foreign medical staff left Yemen and returned to their countries after the Saudi-led aggression. The spread of infectious diseases is another problem we are facing. More than 500,000 hospitals and medical centers in Yemen have been bombed by the coalition.” He emphasized.

“More than 50 percent of the medical sector in Yemen is damaged and inactive due to the aggression of the Saudi-led coalition. The Saudis are even targeting ambulances; not those on the front lines, but ambulances for civilians and urban patients have also been targeted by the aggressors.” The spokesman added.

Referring to the condition of Yemini children and women he said, “Currently, two million and two hundred thousand children in Yemen suffer from malnutrition, which is 45 percent of all the children in the country. Based on the statistics provided by the United Nations, every 10 minutes, one child dies in Yemen. There are more than one million pregnant women or those who have just given birth suffering from malnutrition. This makes the newly born children also suffer from the same illness. Finally, the situation of children in Yemen is catastrophic due to the Saudi-led aggression.”

“16 million Yemenis do not have access to food and adequate nutrition. 10 million Yemeni children cannot find the necessary foodstuff. All of this is due to Saudi-led aggression and the blockade, as well as the transfer of Sanaa Bank to Aden and the confiscation of Yemen’s reserves.” Al-Hazeri said.

An interview by Fatemeh Salehi

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