Celebrating 50th edition of ‘Arles Photography Festival 2019’

TEHRAN, Sep. 21 (MNA) – The 50th edition of “Arles Photography Festival 2019”, which kicked off in France’s Arles on July 1 is now approaching its final days.

To learn more about the details, MNA correspondent, who was present at the event, has compiled a report on this prestigious photography event which comes as follows:

“Arles Photography Festival 2019” is a summer event in the field of photography which has been founded by prominent photographer from Arles city named Lucien Clergue, distinguished French author Michel Tournier and famous historian Jean-Maurice Rouquette.

This year, the 50th edition of this prestigious photography festival is held in a small city in southern France with the same name of Arles.

The 50th edition of Arles Photography Festival was inaugurated in France’s Arles city on July 1 and will run until Sept. 22, 2019.

In view of many photographers, “International Arles Photography Festival” is considered as one of the most prestigious and important photography events. Visiting the event and venue of the festival makes it quite clear that this is not an exaggerated claim. 

From the beginning when you enter the city of Arles, you feel like that the whole city is at the service of this festival. While entering the city, you can see that all posters of this photography event have been installed everywhere throughout the city, ranging from restaurants, supermarkets to cultural-artistic centers. In the meantime, most booksellers have offered festival’s previous edition of books for sale and even, cultural and stationery items such as notebooks, fantasy pixels, etc. are offered for sale under the title of “Arles Photography Festival”.

“Arles Photography Festival” is open to public every day from 10:00 to 7:30 pm. Details of each-day programs of the festival are provided in a brochure (catalog) and regular tables, so that visitors can select which hour of a day they wish to visit the festival and the exhibition site.

In a nutshell, when you enter the city during the festival, you do not think you have entered a city; rather, it feels as if you have come into a big festival as vast as a city.

According to the statistics mentioned on website of the festival, 140,000 visitors from across the world visited this photography festival last year.

Although this festival has been running for about three months, the most important event in the field of photography happens in the first week which is the opening week, so that many French government officials also attend and visit the festival.

As an enthusiast in the field of photography, you may meet outstanding and famous photographers during the festival, because, many photographers, gallery owners and curators attend the festival and are seeking talents in the field of photography.

Moreover, many professionals in the field of photography attend this prestigious festival and plan for their work projects. This photography festival also provides a good opportunity for progress of amateur photographers. Holding training and tutorial workshop in the field of photography is of the salient programs of the festival which paves suitable ways for amateur photographers who want to be an expert in the relevant field.

In the first week of the activity, more than 200 amateur photographers began short-term courses for increasing synergy and cooperation.

The display of historical monuments and museums is the most interesting point in organizing this festival in a way that photo exhibitions of this prestigious event are held mostly in cooperation and collaboration of French institutes and museums which provide their space available to festival organizers for a long time.

This year, 51 photo exhibitions were held in 33 various cultural places which have been registered as cultural heritage sites (such as churches, industrial buildings, etc.). Some of these places will open to public during the festival ONLY.

In this year’s photography festival, in addition to photography works, video and audio recordings, digital documents (newspapers, magazines, letters, articles, etc.) were showcased in this festival. A special section of the festival is dedicated to the works of famous British War Photographer in 20th century named “Don McCullin” who is now eighty years old and has covered many of wars and social crises with his photographs. [Sir Donald McCullin, is a British photojournalist, particularly recognized for his war photography and images of urban strife.]

One of the spectacular and important events that takes place during the festival is the programs held at nights. That is to say that large screens and multimedia videos of works of different photographers are displayed in various parts of the city that relate to this festival. Accordingly, moreover introducing project of new companies, viewers can get acquainted with the latest modern-day photography events.

The festival's approach is completely artistic and curator-based in the sense. That is to say that photographer cannot go alone and participate in the festival, rather, his or her work must have a curator. In the competitive section of the festival, either gallery owner or curator participates. In fact, photographer's work is introduced by a gallery owner or a curator.

On the sidelines of ARLES International Photography Festival, other festivals and exhibitions are held, one of which is “VOICE OFF” Exhibition.

In addition, companies producing cameras and accessories also participate on the sidelines of this festival and unveil their latest products. For example, leading “Olympus” Company, which had installed a pavilion on the sidelines of the exhibition, introduced its latest products to visitors.

Like many prestigious festivals held in the world, this festival is sponsored by leading and famous companies as well.

This year, leading German auto manufacturing company “BMW” sponsored “ARES Intl. Photography Festival” which had sent its latest car model to the historic city of France’s ARLES. The body of latest version of BMW’s car had been decorated with advertisements of the festival.

Iranian Contribution to “ARLES Photography Festival”

About 66 photographers from the Islamic Republic of Iran participated in “ARLES Photography Festival” two years ago with presenting a project entitled “38 Years of Photography”.

“Anahita Ghabaeian” and “Niyousha Tavakolian” were the collectors of works of this exhibition. In introduction of this exhibition, they raised, “In this exhibition, we want to introduce those who are shaping the image of Iran.”

In this year’s edition of festival, some leading Iranian photographers attended, one of them was “Mr. Hashem Shakeri”.

The project that presented by this young Iranian photojournalist within the framework of multimedia was “an elegy for the death of Hamoon” which refers to the drought in southeastern Iran.

The collection of photos of this Iranian photographer entitled “Night of Year’ was displayed in this festival on Sept. 5 within the framework of a ‘multimedia’ project. The curator of his work was “Hugo du Pleaaix”.

Another prominent Iranian photographer, who attended in the 50th edition of this festival and managed to receive a prize, was Ms. Hana Darabi. In addition, she was awarded €6,000 cash contribution. This prize was awarded to Ms. Hana Darabi due to publishing book of her photographs on the Islamic Revolution and events happened in Iran from 1979 to 1983.

Translated from Persian into English by: Morteza Ahmadi


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