Trump has a moment of sanity that begs for continuance

TEHRAN, Jun. 24 (MNA) – “Cocked and loaded” Donald Trump claimed the US military was, just before, as he alleges, he decided not to attack Iran last week because the lives of an estimated “150 Iranians” were too heavy a cost for the downing of an unmanned drone that was brought down in Iran’s territorial waters while on a spy mission.

What is one supposed to think? That Trump suddenly has a heart? That he has a brain? Well, maybe a bit of the latter for a moment. It is, in any case, not hard to speculate about what happened:

The two tankers incident off Oman was probably an Israeli false flag, and when that did not “work” then the drone incident was staged. It is likely the drone was just over Iranian territorial waters, or else the Iranian navy would not have retrieved parts of the drone in its own waters. The drone pilots could not have been sure what Iran would do, but Iran did switch on its radars and brought it down, in effect telling the pilots something about Iran’s defenses.

But Trump did the right thing, which was nothing. Not launching an attack was probably the high point of his Presidency to date. He deserves credit for that, likely realizing that the only way to destroy Iranian defenses would have to be a prolonged, like in at least a couple weeks, attacks on the entirety of Iran’s southwest coast which would, as Iran has warned correctly, turn the Persian Gulf into an inferno and wreck oil production facilities along the entire coast of Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E. That, in turn, might have sparked a revolution in Saudi Arabia, especially by the Shi’a component of the Saudi population, and serious trouble for the UAE. And farther to the west, who knows what?

 It is likely the Zionists might have attacked Hezbollah, no pushover, and parts of Israel would also have been severely damaged. One could also speculate wildly about a recurrence of the “Arab Spring” in countries like Egypt, where sullen Egyptians are angry about Morsi’s untimely death and where Sisi is hardly popular. Morsi was, it should be noted, the first truly ELECTED Egyptian president!

The Neocons warmongers and their supporters in the US are upset Trump did not pull the trigger last week. War alone gives them purpose amid their manifold inadequacies, as journalist Glen Greenwald has opined. And what is even more incredible is that they have chosen to support what is probably the most unpopular (terrorist) organization to Iranians, the MEK, to supplant Iran’s current leaders. This alone should tell the world that the US isn’t looking for better leadership for Iran’s nearly 90 million people, but merely for Iran to be overwhelmed by internal chaos.

Trump may in time do something precipitous because he is under tremendous pressure. As said, it’s either the firing of Neocons like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo…or Trump succumbs to their pressure … and ultimately and foolishly loses any chance he has to win a second term in the White House, too, which is his primary aim. And one must not forget Trump’s original, possibly fatal mistake: groveling to the demands of Jewish billionaires in the US who coughed up millions of dollars to support Trump and the GOP, provided he would tear up the JCPOA.

 In fact, if Trump had not scuttled US participation in Obama’s signature foreign policy achievement on Zionist demand, none of what’s happening now would ever have occurred. At bottom, Trump insofar as he attacks Iran militarily, could set off a chain of events that could destroy the US economy and even collapse the world’s banking system, leading to an economic depression like no other. And then atop all this is the threat of a war that becomes a world war.

 And meanwhile, Israeli military analysts are apparently afraid that a WEAK US attack on Iran could precipitate an Iranian attack on Israeli interests. What could they possibly be hinting at? The necessity of a nuclear attack on Iran? This, of course, is worrisome, but you cannot discount some ultimate Zionist or Israeli depravity. Zionist Sheldon Adelson has already said not long ago that the US ought to nuke some under populated part of Iran as a warning.

The great tragedy is that for 60 years the US has been hostile to Iran and its people, a hostility which at the beginning of it in the 1950s was largely due to the fact that Iran had and still retains an abundance of natural resources. The creation of an independent-minded Islamic Republic 40 years ago, in part the result of previous U.S hostility, only added to the blind refusal of the US to recognize Iran for what it has been for millennia.

A unique land and culture and people which though many political iterations have stood the test of time that few other countries have ever achieved. It is impossible to imagine the US will ever achieve nearly as much, or give the world so much as Iran has over the millennia. The US “empire” looks to be but a brief, dull flash in the pan given its greed and hubris and militancy this century.


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