Cry not for hapless Trump: He created the current mess

NORTH CAROLINA, Jun. 30 (MNA) – No one can legitimately feel sorry for Donald Trump. For 14 months he’s been in way over his head in geopolitics, and that primarily about Iran, but with the various sanctions and threats cast upon every continent like confetti at a wedding everyone knows eventually is going fail and wind up in divorce court, Trump looks the clown to most all the world.

And he also looks awfully ignorant: since when does the head of state of allegedly the most “powerful” country the world has ever known sanction the former leader of the revolution that created the Islamic Republic who has been dead for 30 years? I mean, admittedly, the names Khomeini and Khamenei are rather similar, but NO Administration or POTUS in its right mind would be so careless to commit such a faux pas. This is equivalent to a bride’s groom farting very loudly and redolently at the exact moment, he slips a ring on the finger of his beloved at the wedding ceremony. You can’t forget such mindless errors. They are just too glaring or grotesque and occasionally very funny.

Anyway, pundits are chiming in about the close call where the US had already more or less launched a military attack on Iran (ostensibly because Iran shot down a quarter billion-dollar piece of US drone technology flying four miles inside Iran’s territorial waters!), and then for some reason or other Trump as US “commander in chief” pulled back. That was a smart move, pulling back, but it seems credit must go to Iran’s leaders for their decisive response to the spy drone.

Indeed, if Iran ever looked like some buffoonish military pushover, one might argue correctly that Trump and his merry coven of Neocon gangsters might already have attacked Iran. John Bolton, who last week was accurately called a “tapeworm” that (despite failures) apparently cannot be dislodged from the bowels of Washington, has been trying to wreck Iran for decades. (It was Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson who had the balls to so designate Bolton, albeit a tapeworm with a hideous mustache.)

Does anyone ever question why Trump and his mob have not attacked North Korea? For the same reason probably Iran has not been bombed yet – it has shown smarts and strength and some capability, and everyone knows bullies like the US or the Zionists don’t usually pick on anyone who can fight back. Look at it this way:

If Iran does not have any nuclear weapons, and it does not and has not been attempting to make even one, it has something invaluable to ward off military aggression, just as the Norks have their extant nukes. Iran lies immediately on the Straits of Hormuz, which is just as effective as having nukes. Iran can and will close down Hormuz to sea traffic and oil dispersal IF it is attacked…and send the world economy plummeting into the sea just as fast as that US drone. Maybe this is why Trump wised up suddenly: he damn well knows his reelection chances are nil if he starts a new war in the Middle East.

And this latter point about Trump becoming a one-term President if he launches an attack seems to have been born out. Last Wednesday night the Democrats had their first of many debates among candidates for the nomination next year. First, there are far too many candidates already, and the debate was, to be frank, quite boring with most everyone promising economic freebies to the American public if they are elected. In other words, the usual BS, bribery, pie in the sky, whatever you want to call it. But one candidate stood out: Hawaiian US House Representative and military veteran Tulsi Gabbard, 38, who stuck to her original message: end the US foreign wars. Period. And lo and behold, she was allegedly the debate winner by a country mile Wednesday night. That tells you the US public is sick and tired of US imperialism and warmongering.

The public also recently heard from long-silent (on Iran) and long-established columnist Thomas Friedman of the New York Times. This rotund oracle of frequent nonsense and an alleged Mideast “expert” makes several hundred thousand dollars a year in salary at the newspaper and is allegedly paid $40,000 for a mere speech. We should all be so lucky. But as usual, Friedman, a Zionist Jew, was implying lies: suggesting that Iran literally has a nuclear weapons program, for one thing. His entire column was in fact dreck except, just maybe, for one suggestion he made: that IF the JCPOA could ever be renegotiated, its provisions extend for 30 years, not merely for a decade or so.

On the one hand, if Iran is sincere about nukes, this is not necessarily a bad suggestion to mollify the anxious. But on the other hand, the JCPOA must first be restored as it was and all sanctions against Iran must be dropped. Iran is correct to refuse to consider negotiating anything until this occurs. But this points to another problem, a conundrum of sorts:

The US and the Zionists have long been squealing about an Iranian nuclear weapons program that does not exist. If they were honest, and they are not, they’d say what their primary objection is: that Iran has the knowledge and in time the capability, if not the desire, to produce a nuclear weapon. That is precisely why, if reports are accurate, Mossad and maybe even the MEK have directly or by proxies assassinated some Iranian scientists. This, however, is useless madness: because no one can make a country unlearn something it has already basically learned and written down and even taught in multiple places, even if a few notable, senior scientists are murdered.

And this is why Iran must be on guard: because it suggests that Zionists and their barbarous co-conspirators in the US want to destroy Iran entirely.


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