IRGC chief commander stresses resistance as only solution against threats

TEHRAN, Jun. 18 (MNA) – The IRGC chief commander Major General Hossein Salami has said that Iran should not accept offer of talks, adding that resistance is the only solution in the face foreign pressures.

“We are the winner in the realm of political logic, and today's resistance is our strategy, our approach, and our logic. The enemy wants to get us to surrender in the negotiations. Through resistance, we will destroy the sanctions and we will gain independence through tolerating the hardships,” the top commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps said during a conference at the Amirkabir University of Technology in Tehran on Tuesday afternoon.

Maj. Gen. Salami added that “the enemies seek to eliminate our power through negotiations, so that they can hit us whenever they wish. We have been able to withstand their attack with our strength; we must have the power to put reciprocal pressure against the enemy.”

“We are safe when we are powerful,” the IRGC chief commander noted.

“Twelve years ago… we were looking for a way to put an end to the US carriers capable of carrying warplanes. Only ballistic missiles could do so because cruise missiles were vulnerable due to their speed and low-altitude flight while ballistic missiles could hit the target at a faster speed than supersonic flight and would be difficult to be hit by anti-missile defense." he added.

"15 years ago this was a dream…while one day we could successfully test fire the missile and we put a target as big as two third of a carrier. The missile precisely hit the target… we were able to change the balance of power…” he later noted.

The top IRGC commander added that Iran has beaten the enemy in the realm of political philosophy because their political philosophy is to loot the other countries’ wealth.


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