Failed plans for spreading Iranophobia: Saudi and UAE frustrated

TEHRAN, Jun. 09 (MNA) – Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), US and the Zionist regime once again have failed in their attempt to spread Iranophobia; this time they accused Iran of being involved in Fujairah explosions, but their lies were soon exposed as it was revealed that they have no kind of proof or evidence for their claims.

Saudi Arabia, UAE and Norway handed a report to UN Security Council about explosions in UAE territorial waters, off the port of Fujairah. However, the claims about Iran being responsible for the attack were so unfounded and unsubstantiated that they were unable to mention Iran’s name in the report.

Saudi Arabia, supported by US and the Zionist regime and specially Mossad, is trying to spread fabricated information to develop Iranophobia amid the rising tensions in the region with US officials constantly firing words of condemnation and threat against Iran. These countries immediately pointed their fingers at Iran for the explosions without having any kind of reason or proof for their claims, but once again they failed in convincing the international communities. 

In the report presented to UN Security Council by the two countries, it says that the attack on four oil tankers off the Emirati coast on May 12 was a calculated and sophisticated operation carried out by ‘a state actor’.

The report doesn’t indicate the name of the ‘state’ that has been involved in sabotage in Fujairah. According to the report, four commercial vessels were damaged by the attack; namely, Amjad crude carrier tanker, Al Marzoqah crude tanker, A Michel ship and Andrea Victory ship.

The statement added that there were no victims or oil leaks from tankers.

In response to the meeting, Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted, “The B-Team boys who cry wolf are crying once again. This time, Mossad is fabricating intelligence about Iran’s involvement in sabotage in Fujairah. I’ve warned of ‘accidents’ and false flags — we know what happens when you believe their lies. We’ve been here before, haven’t we?”

While Saudi Arabia and UAE are trying to pretend that their accusing Iran for Fujairah explosion is a conclusion that they themselves have arrived at, many reports in Israeli media have revealed that Mossad was the main agency who tried to convince US that Iran was involved in the attacks and should be blamed for it.

Anyway, all such reports and accusations are only propaganda and are solely devised to influence public opinion.

Such attempts to ruin the name of Iran are surely not a new thing. Arab countries surrounding the Persian Gulf, as well as US and the Zionist regime officials have constantly come up with claims that Iran is trying to threaten their interests or attack their bases in Iraq or other countries, but none of these claims have ever been supported with any kind of solid or credible evidence.

However, when certain media constantly repeat the name of a country, even though without any solid proof, as the one who is responsible for any kind of attack or sabotage in the region or even the world, people unconsciously start to blame that country for all attacks and incidents, without even looking for any proof or evidence.

This is exactly the goal of US, the Zionist regime, Saudi Arabia and UAE for mentioning the name of Iran next to every incident and attack in the region, even though they were never able to prove any of these accusations and occasionally they even indirectly took their claims back, but they succeeded at making the right impression on people.

After Fujairah explosion, these states immediately blamed Iran and announced that Tehran should receive a response for it, but now they are incapable of proving their claims. US blamed Iran for the incident just two days after the attack.

Despite all international laws and customs, US officials, such as Mike Pompeo, Brian Hook and even Donald Trump openly blamed Iran and tried to create an anti-Iran atmosphere. 

In a meeting with Donald Trump and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbn in White House, Trump said if anything happens, Iran will be in big trouble.

In Tweeter, some pro-Saudi users posted a video, trying to show that Iran was involved in explosions in Fujairah; while it was later revealed that the video was in fact of a Greek ship in some place other than Persian Gulf.

In this video, which has no clear date or location, it is showed that two people are dangerously tampering with the helm of a Greek oil tanker to change the ship’s direction. After showing this video, they claimed that it proves that Iran could have been involved in Fujairah sabotage!

It seems that after failing to bring any credible proof, Saudi Arabia is now resorted to publishing such videos in social media; while German Federal Minister of Defense had previously announced that there are no signs of Iran’s involvement in explosions in Fujairah port.

Some military experts believe that the Israeli or Saudi intelligence agencies have planned the explosions to lead US into a war with Iran; nevertheless, after seeing the resistance of Iranian people and officials, US has now retreated from its war-mongering policies and is talking about having negotiations with Iran; naturally, Saudi and UAE who blindly follow US policies are expected to adopt the same policy; especially now that they haven’t found any convincible proof to support their claims and spread Iranophobia.

Saudi Arabia and UAE have constantly proven to be the main states who create tension and conflict in the region. As long as they don’t change their policies in Middle East, and specially their policies toward Iran, the tension will continue, as Iran has repeatedly announced that it devises its policies based on mutual respect and peaceful interaction with countries in the region.

By: Fatemeh Salehi


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