‘Farzand e Imam’ – a beautiful tribute to Shaheed Arif Hussaini

TEHRAN, Aug. 06 (MNA) – Shaheed Arif Hussaini was a Shia leader in Pakistan, of the Shia Turi Pashtun tribe. He became the symbol of resistance and resilience against evil and oppressive forces. The late founding father of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini (RA) called him as his son, a beautiful tribute to Shaheed Arif Hussaini.

To leave your footprints on the sands of time, you ought to walk out of the comfort zone, overcome insurmountable odds and participate in the process of change. Not everyone is capable of doing that, especially when it means running the gauntlet and speaking truth to power, without worrying about the consequences.

That’s where most people retreat. To invoke George Orwell, during times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

One such legendary personality, a young revolutionary, a change maker, a visionary leader, who became the symbol of resistance and resilience against evil and oppressive forces, came from a small village in Parachinar Pakistan. His life was brutally cut short by the same cowardly forces he opposed on the fateful morning of August 5, 1988 but somehow they could not kill his lofty ideals and principles. The key to immortality, as they say, is living a life worth remembering. This man had become immortal.

Three decades after he was killed in cold blood by armed assailants in Peshawar, Martyr Arif Hussain Hussaini’s memory and legacy continues to be a source of inspiration for the campaigners of truth and justice who believe in the righteousness of their cause. Like a true revolutionary, Shaheed Arif laid down his life for the sake of truth and justice.

As a mark of tribute to the great man, MzM Productions has come up with a documentary film on Shaheed Arif, directed by Mohtashim Ali Naqvi. The maiden screening of the film ‘Farzand e Imam’ was held in Tehran on Saturday, attended by a large number of people from different walks of life.

The film, which took more than two years to complete, quite beautifully chronicles the life and times of Shaheed Arif, his struggles, his amazing connect with people, his resistance against anti-revolutionaries, his unflinching stand against imperialists and their backers in Pakistan, and his beautiful relationship with the leader of the Islamic revolution Imam Khomeini, who famously referred to him as his ‘son’.

With exclusive footage of his public rallies, his speeches, his prayer meetings, and his funeral, this film has virtually brought Shaheed Arif back to life. It also features interviews with many notable personalities of Pakistan who knew Shaheed Arif closely. They provide rare insight into his revolutionary ideas, his never-say-die-spirit, his intellectual pursuits, and his remarkable but short-lived journey.

Shaheed Arif, who spent years in the seminaries of Najaf and Qom, was a student of Imam Khomeini. Owing to his close association with Imam, Shaheed Arif had imbibed the revolutionary spirit. In his fiery speeches, he often invoked the struggle of Imam against the autocratic Pahlavi regime of Iran and the success of Islamic revolution. As the film depicts, the Islamic revolution had deep impact on Shaheed Arif and he strived to awaken people in Pakistan and around the world.

His astounding popularity in Pakistan, however, was a matter of grave disquiet for the rulers in Pakistan and for Riyadh, Washington and Tel Aviv. Shaheed Arif, who was known for calling spade a spade, strongly and vocally spoke against the sinister conspiracies of imperialists and Zionists against the Islamic revolution. He minced no words in denouncing the anti-Islamic and anti-revolution forces.

He knew the path he had taken was riddled with risks but nothing could cow him down. Within four years as the head of Millat e Jafariya Pakistan, he managed to galvanize the community and fostered Shia-Shia brotherhood in Pakistan, which was seen as a threat by Pakistan’s then ruler General Zia ul Haq and his foreign backers. They tried all suppressive measures to crush his movement but failed miserably.

At the age of 42, after offering morning prayers at his small seminary in Peshawar, two gun-toting men barged inside and shot him dead. His death was widely condoled across the world.

In his message, Imam Khomeini hailed Shaheed Arif as a great revolutionary and an example for youngsters. “Pakistan’s blessed people are from a pro-revolution nation. They aspire to live according to Islamic rulings, with which we have an ancient, deep, and faithful relationship. It is imperative for them to keep martyr Syed Arif’s thoughts alive and to pass his message on.”

The film ‘Farzand e Imam’ is a perfect tribute to the man who considered his principles dearer than his life. Inspired by Imam Khomeini’s struggle, Shaheed Arif walked on the same path and left behind a glorious legacy.

Speaking after the screening, Mohtashim said MzM Productions had vowed to keep alive the rich legacy of Shaheed Arif and this film was a step in that direction. "Shaheed Arif lived, he lives and he will always live in our hearts," Mohtashim said, flanked by his wife Maryam Jomaa and brother Mohsin Naqvi, both of whom played key role in the completion of the project.

Farzand e Imam is a must watch for those who believe in the idea of resistance against the evil forces.


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