Iran to stay in JCPOA if its interests secured: FM Zarif

TEHRAN, May 27 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said to a group of MPs on Saturday that international relations are based on interests and Iran will keep abiding by the nuclear deal if its interests are secured.

“Iran will stay in the JCPOA on the condition that its interests are secured and enough guarantees are provided,” said Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Iranian Foreign Minister on Saturday.

The Iranian diplomatic chief made the remarks while meeting with the members of Iranian parliament’s fraction of diplomacy and national interests.

“The day the nuclear negotiations kicked off, it enjoyed international support unanimously and today that US has withdrawn from it, the only opponents of the agreement are three Arab states of the Persian Gulf and the Zionist regime which to me again it means that the international consensus is backing it and Trump has not managed to change this equation,” reiterated the Iranian top diplomat, after highlighting the magnitude of achievements garnered by the JCPOA.

“In my opinion, the new US strategies against Iran, which were stated in a recent speech by US secretary of state, will lead to more isolation of US because the conditions set by the secretary of state are not based on rationality,” added Mr. Zarif.

“Despite broad supports for the JCPOA we also know that the supports voiced by some countries are not for us but they are against violation of international treaties and agreements,” recounted the Iranian foreign minister.

In another part of his address Mr. Zarif referred to the issue of trust and trust in negotiations with other countries. “We trust our nation and the very same trust empowers us. In negotiations like these, it is very difficult to secure our national interests,” he added.

“Also it should be borne in mind that the nature of relations between countries at the international arena is based on securing national interests and trust and lack of trust is an irrelevant issue. It is known by everybody that all countries in negotiations are after securing their own interests,” stated the Iranian chief diplomat.

“If Europe is abiding by the JCPOA it is because of its interests and we will also remain in the agreement if our interests are secured and we receive assuring guarantees,” Iranian foreign minister asserted.


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