Iranian army test-fires new missiles during drill

TEHRAN, Jan. 23 (MNA) – According to Iranian army, on the second day of military drills in south eastern regions of Iran, two new cruise missiles of Ghadr and Nasr were test-fired.

On the second and final day of military exercises of Iranian Army, codenamed Mohammad Rasoulallah (Mohammad, the Prophet of God) which kicked off early on Monday, the Iranian forces test-fired two new surface-to-surface missiles.

The vessels of the navy fired Ghadir long range cruise missile for the first time, targeting the mock enemy vessel in a far distance of deep waters.

The missile is an advanced weapon with advantages like quick-to-launch feature, low-altitude fly, anti-electronic warfare feature, turning point option, and high-precision targeting, according to the spokesman of the drill.

What makes the missile an awe-making advantage is its precision and high destructive power which were both assessed during the drill.

Another missile test-fired during the drill was Nasr cruise missile which is a coast to water missile.

The war game started on early Monday involving ground, naval, and aerial forces in the country's southern regions.

They cover an expanse of 2.2 million square kilometers in Iran’s south and southeast, the Makran Coast, and other areas in the Gulf of Oman.

The forces attending the maneuvers will also employ radar and surveillance systems to detect ground and aerial activities by the mock enemy. They will then use missiles and artillery fire to eliminate those threats.

The first day of the drills featured the use of various precision-strike rockets and laser-guided artillery. Heavy and light submarines as well as helicopters were also deployed during in the exercises.

Additionally on Monday, the Iranian Army warned off two US-led coalition battleships that had approached the site of the drills for surveillance.

Iranian Armed Forces regularly conduct drills to maintain defensive readiness and to incorporate technologically new weapons systems.

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