Cleric urges govt. to hear public objections

TEHRAN, Jan. 12 (MNA) – Ayatollah Sedighi who led Tehran Friday Prayers today said that the National Budget must uphold the rights of the lower classes and added that efficient administration must create job opportunities for the youth.

Ayatollah Kazemi Sedighi who led Tehran Friday Prayers today (January 12) said “today, the recent riots are considered as a foreign plot. Such a situation divulges to us the enemies of the establishment. Friend and foe become distinguished from one another during crises and members of society show their true nature at times that have lots of ups and downs like this.”

“As Ayatollah Khamenei has said, these riots have been provoked and organized by foreign powers and are plots masterminded by the Great Satan and the Zionist Regime. They have spent months preparing such plots and are after implementing them in our country with the assistance of Saudi Arabia,” he went on.

Ayatollah Sedighi called for vigilance on all parts and said “if the US, after enduring defeat at the hands of the Resistance Front, attempts to devise another plot, it will be once again stopped by the Iranian nation who does not fear martyrdom.”

Having stressed the necessity of developing a revolutionary spirit, he said “we must spread the revolutionary spirit in society, because we cannot close our gaps with an aristocratic mindset.”

He referred to the National Budget Bill submitted for the following year and called for the Parliament to constantly observe the conditions of the public and to try to prove that it is a real representative of the nation and asserted “the Parliament must show that it will not allow economic problems and the rise in expenses to bring people to their knees and increase social dissatisfaction.”

He said that cultural and scientific development require the allocation of budget in the National budget bill for the new year and called for greater attention to the seminaries that are in bad economic conditions.

“We must offer greater support to the lower classes and the poor in the Budget and do our best to bring more welfare to these groups, not to the upper classes and aristocrats,” he added.

Sedighi said that we need efficient administration in order to create job opportunities for the youth and asserted that people are tired of empty talks and expect palpable measures from the officials. “Unemployment brings depression, illness, violence and unrest with it and it will no longer do to simply claim that we have allocated budget and financial resources for employment. What we need in this regard is effective administration,” he added.

He stressed the necessity of respecting the public and said that the majority of the people strongly believe in the Revolution and Islam and officials need to hear their objections and try to solve their problems. “If you do not have the means to solve the problems, do not make empty promises to the people,” he said.

Sedighi said that the people soon voiced their hatred of the rioters and distanced themselves from them and added “the police did their best during the incidents. We witnessed that the police forces were beaten in numerous cases, by did not hurt the people at all. This is a sign of authority, sophistication and dignity of our armed forces.”

“Every time people realize it is time to enter the scene, they do so despite numerous economic problems and poor living conditions. This is because they know the Revolution and the System belongs to them,” he asserted.

Tehran’s temporary Friday prayers Imam concluded his speech by referring to Trump’s unbalanced character and said “Trump had said that the people are afraid of the government, but the people proved that they are the real owners of the Revolution and protect the government against any danger. The people showed that they attach no value to remarks made by Trump and the likes of him.”


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