Resistance front proved endurance brings victory: cabinet spox

TEHRAN, Nov. 21 (MNA) – Iranian Cabinet spokesman Nobakht hailed on Tuesday the end of ISIL existence in Syria and Iraq officially announced late on Monday.

 “Despite all odds and the inhumane behavior of terrorists, the resistance front proved once again that national persistence will end up with victory,” said Iranian Cabinet spokesperson Mohammad Bagher Nobakht on Tuesday.

The Iranian senior official who also acts as vice-president for plan and budget, made the remarks in reaction to the latest victories in Syria and Iraq which put a finish mark on ISIL terrorist group existence in the two Arab countries with long shared borderline.

He contributed the victory to Divine auspicious, the support staged by Iraqi and Syrian people, and the perseverance of the nations involved in the crisis.

“The proper understanding of regional developments by Iranian Leader who said that the confrontation in Syria is not between people and government but between Takfirist terrorists of ISIL and the legitimate establishment of Syrian government stood against what the propaganda stunt was depicting as the uprising of a nation against an oppressing regime,” he stated.

“Iranian government is thankful to armed forces especially the wise, brave, acute, and dear brother Major General Ghasem Soleimani, who played a bold role at the capacity of a division or even an establishment,” highlighted the official.

Touching upon EU approach toward Iran’s missile program, he said that “it is early to judge EU as a follower of US hostile policies against Iran and so far the EU has held good a good stance in regards to the JCPOA.”

“We persist on our principle approach, the strategic articulation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, that we will never negotiate or compromise over our defensive capabilities especially the missile power,” reiterated Mr. Nobakht.

“This is not only our policy but our belief that we will never negotiate over our defensive capabilities and we insist on our belief and know the position of each and every of other countries,” he asserted.

Referring to Saudi Arabia, Mr. Nobakht said that the Saudis are now in deficiency. “Saudis have gone bankrupt as all countries of the region are celebrating the annihilation of the ISIL in praise for the Islamic Republic of Iran’s superiority in the region and the one accused of supporting the ISIL is Saudi Arabia,” he underlined.

“The same scandal has occurred to Saudi’s adventurism in Yemen,” he said, “it is very disappointing that the Arab League comments so ruthlessly about the horrific crimes against women and children in Yemen.”

Also on the day, forwarding a letter of felicitations, President Rouhani congratulated the ultimate victory against ISIL terrorists in Syria to Iran’s Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, the Revolutionary Guard Corps, and the Quds Force, particularly Major General Ghasem Soleimani, saying "tomorrow, the presidents of Iran, Turkey and Russia will meet in a tripartite summit [in Russian city of Sochi] to discuss the future of Syria and the region.”

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