Iran dismisses alleged CIA docs on links to al-Qaeda

TEHRAN, Nov. 04 (MNA) – FM spokesman Ghasemi said Sat. that the new US allegations on links between Iran and al-Qaeda are a clear example of shameless fabrication of evidence for proving the remarks of Donald Trump which only serves domestic purposes.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi made the remark in reaction to the recent CIA's release of documents implicating Iran in al-Qaeda operations.

“Although US officials have not yet commented on these alleged documents, the government and intelligence agencies of the US have a dark record of forging evidence and deceiving the world’s public opinion and even their own people for some political and strategic end,” Ghasemi said, while stressing that the CIA move only serves domestic purposes and is void of any other significance.

He went on to add, “there is no doubt that the aim of such futile propaganda hype from America’s intelligence agencies is to save certain regional allies which are severely gripped with various crises at home and across the region.”

“Raising such allegations against Iran is completely irrelevant, absurd and baseless,” Ghasemi said. “The fact that the documents have been released on the eve of Nov. 4th (marking the 1979 takeover of the US embassy in Tehran) which marks Iranian nation’s disapproval of the US policies against our country, further attests to the lack of worth and credibility of such anti-Iran hypes.”

Ghasemi went on to add, “while the US government purposefully refrains from releasing the complete 9/11 National Commission report that would shed further light on the actual perpetrators of the attacks, the release of such fabricated documents [against Iran] will make no change in the proven opinion of the international community on the real ideological elements behind terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda, as well as which countries had a part in their emergence and which ones continued to sustain them through military, political and logistic support.” 


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