JCPOA implemented successfully, now traders’ turn: Deputy FM

TEHRAN, Mar. 10 (MNA) – Iran’s Deputy FM Seyed Abbas Araghchi told a gathering of entrepreneurs that the nuclear deal has been successful and the rest of the path has to be undertaken by the businessmen.

“The JCPOA can be examined from different perspectives and one of the angles to look at it is the domestic outlook and the political reception of the JCPOA,” said Iranian deputy foreign minister for legal and international affairs on Thursday in the afternoon, addressing a group of entrepreneurs and successful job makers. He made the remark in a bid to evaluate the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action which was signed on July 14, 2015, between the Islamic Republic of Iran, 5+1, and EU in Vienna.

The Iranian diplomat highlighted that beside the harms of political reception of the JCPOA, it had some benefits including positive effect on political understanding of the Iranian society.

“The JCPOA changed Iran’s reputation completely,” asserted Mr. Araghchi. “The JCPOA changed Iran’s nuclear program as a forbidden ambition to a legal program in the international arena.” He highlighted how the deal annulled the UNSC resolutions under charter 7 which described Iran as a threat to the peace and security of the world. “Now Iran is an important player in the region and Syria, while beforehand efforts were aimed to ignore us.”

After saying that the nuclear program of Iran was being followed as vigorously as before the JCPOA, Araghchi offered gratitude to Ali Akbar Salehi for all his strenuous services and contributions. “Mr. Salehi, is one of the most knowledgeable nuclear scientists of Iran who played a very bold role in the course of negotiations for drafting the JCPOA.”

“Iran’s nuclear program is followed with more inspections to win the trust of the other side,” said the Iranian deputy FM. “All the obstacles supposed to be removed by the JCPOA have been removed. However, the JCPOA was not expected to turn Iran’s economy upside down, it was supposed to remove the barriers and it has accomplished this task.” Araghchi then referred to passenger aircrafts as an example and said that whether an aircraft was bought or not or which kind of aircraft was bought was not related to the JCPOA and the JCPOA just made it possible for the government to purchase from Airbus or Boeing. “Whether oil ministry had a good performance after the JCPOA, I would say yes, but the JCPOA was just obliged to make it possible to sell oil and the rest of the story was not up to the deal.”

The senior Iranian diplomat who was among the top negotiators of the Islamic Republic of Iran during the course of talks with 5+1, evaluated that the nuclear deal of July 14, 2015 was successful in accomplishing its objectives and the rest of the business was up to businessmen and traders to harvest the results.         


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