Iran, Tanzania Navy officials agree on regular visits

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TEHRAN, Mar. 05 (MNA) – Iranian ambassador to Dodoma said Tanzanian military officials have reached an agreement with the Iranian navy for regular visits of Iran’s training and operational fleet.

Mahdi Aghajafari, Iran’s Ambassador to Tanzania, voiced satisfaction towards positive outcomes of Iranian Navy Fleet’s visit to the African country deeming the trip as the source of pride and honor for Iranians.

“In separate meetings between several Iranian and Tanzanian military officials, the African side called for training of Tanzanian navy officers by the Iranian Navy,” added the official.

Tanzanian military officials have also appreciated the effective participation of Iran’s Navy Fleet in maintaining peace, stability and maritime security in the Indian Ocean, particularly in the Horn and East of Africa expressing readiness to cooperate with the Iranian fleet in the area.

The 38th Naval Flotilla Commander Admiral Amir Babak Abdollahi evaluated the operational-intelligence and training visit as successful commenting “continuous visits and active participation of the Iranian fleet to ensure peace and stability indicates the authority of the Iranian navy.”

He further thanked the warm reception, hospitality and sincere cooperation of the ambassador and members of Iran's Embassy in in Tanzanian port city of Darussalam praising Tanzania military officials praised for creating necessary facilities for the success of the visit.

After a four-day visit, Iran’s Army Navy’s 38th flotilla of warships, comprising of Shahid Naghdi destroyer, Lavan and Bushehr logistical warships left Darussalam on Friday.

Previously, Iran’s 30th Fleet of the Iranian Navy had docked at the port city of Darussalam in mid-June, 2014.





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