Navy fleet back home from Mandeb Strait

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TEHRAN, Apr. 02 (MNA) – The Iranian Navy’s 38th fleet returned home on Saturday morning after a 75-day mission in the Gulf of Aden and Mandeb Strait.

The fleet was welcomed by Iran’s Army Commander-in-Chief Ataollah Salehi and Navy Commander Habibollah Sayyari in Bandar Abbas on Saturday morning.

The 38th fleet comprising Martyr Naqdi destroyer, Lavan logistic warship and Bushehr vessel left for high seas to safeguard maritime routes used by Iranian vessels operating in international waters after taking part in a large-scale naval war game, codenamed Velayat 94.

Commander of the flotilla Babak Abdollahi said that the fleet has successfully managed several interception and monitoring operations during its mission.

“The commanders and the staff of the fleet also have visited Tanzanian port of Dar es Salaam as well as Oman’s Salalah and Musqat,” Abdollahi added.

The commander reaffirmed “Navy’s presence in international water indicates naval power of Islamic Republic and conveys the message that [regional] security doesn’t need military presence of other countries.”

During recent years, Iran has increased the presence of its naval forces in international waters to protect naval routes and provide security for trade vessels and oil tankers.





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