Muslim lawyers condemn bloodthirsty acts of S Arabia

TEHRAN, Jan. 04 (MNA) – A group of Muslim lawyers issued a statement condemning Al Saud acts regarding execution of prominent cleric Sheikh al-Nimr .

"Allah will defend those who believe, Verily, Allah does not love the ungrateful cheat. (38) Permission is given to those who fight because they were wronged. Allah has power to grant them victory (39): AL-HAJJ/Quran"

The statemet reads as follow:

Testimony of Mujahid, Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Nimr, the Shia leader of Saudi Arabia people and other defenders of Muslim rights and Shia Muslim who are prisoned by Saudi Arabia is one of the failing bloodthirsty act of this government has been done in order to eradicate the Islamic awakening and prevent the spread of resistance to the original Islamic culture.

Different seasons of history witnessed the savage acts of the arrogant powers and their allies in dealing with them harbingers of freedom and justice. Whether there are people who defend the rights of their initial and faced with arrogant criminality and murdered with bloodshed.

When a government clearly act against principles and norms of international human right (1) and allow itself inexorably to the deprivation of life of people whose cry for justice that is entirely peaceful and have their own human rights demands show the weakness, incapacity and inefficiency of the government administration to provision of basic rights of the community. Therefore, it is necessary to the proper functioning of international organizations and human rights organizations to show decisive response to these heinous and inhuman acts and prevent a repetition of such acts. Although the prevalence of such behavior due to its poor performance and bad discriminatory and unethical actions with similar cases And the abuses and multiple standards in dealing with human rights violations by these institutions, terrorist-educating governments like  Saudi Arabia regime encourage such human rights abuses and inhuman acts that can be rude enough to do it again.

Undoubtedly bloodthirsty criminal act of Saudi Arabia regime to Testimony Ayatollah Sheikh Nimr and other mass killing of the human rights activists and hiding their name among the names of some terrorist elements, are criminal acts in this chapter of history in the name of this miserable government which are recorded and so soon or late they will pay the penalty.

This act of terrorism and human rights in addition to other actions for many months with brutal attacks by the criminal government of Saudi Arabia endangered life of innocent children and women and the millions of Yemenis convicted them because of seeking independence and deny them from security safety, and have drawn many of them in blood and death. Among other terrorist actions of this regime in Bahrain, Iraq, Syria and other countries show state terrorism and an organized arrogant by government  United States of America trying to weaken the resistance of the flagship projects in other countries through the use of assassination and killing their leaders. Encounter unjustified actions without any wisdom with Islamic leaders, including sheikh zakzaky in Nigeria, Sheikh Salman of Bahrain, Sheikh Nimr in Saudi Arabia and many other residents show that this act suggests a hostile policy and non-human manner.

Moreover, we as lawyers, ask the United Nations and human rights organizations for the track and effective deal with recent Saudi government crime and other crimes of the regimes in the Muslim world, we ask the governments of the world and Islamic countries to follow a serious strategy and decisive dealing against the Saudi government acts. As well we ask the legal community and lawyers whom respect humanity to pursue legal demand in order to deal with these issues spontaneously to achieve the desired result in future.

Wishing you peace and kindness of God

A group of lawyers



(1) In accordance with Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and personal security" and also in accordance with Article 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights “Every human being has the inherent right to life. This right shall be protected by law and No one can arbitrarily deprived the right for life.




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