MPs condemn Prophet desecration, Zarif French visit

TEHRAN, Jan. 26 (MNA) – Iran’s parliament has condemned desecration of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) by French magazine and denounced Zarif’s visit to the country.

The statement issued was signed by the majority of representatives on Sunday open session of the parliament; “Iranian honorable nation,” reads the statement, “what has happened in few recent weeks in irreverence to the Prophet was a ludicrous show of confronting Islam to promote Islamophobia; what happened in Charlie Hebdo office in Paris was committed by the same terrorists fostered by the US, EU and their puppet regimes in the Middle East.”

“It would not have been more ridiculous than the fact that Benjamin Netanyahu of Zionist regime goes to Paris to join these countries to participate in the blandest display of hypocrisy; it is too obvious to see that France is blatantly copying the US example in 9/11 attacks in twin towers of World Trade Center,” reads the statement. “What is more shameless is the sheer brazenness of the French magazine in republishing cartoons desecrating Prophet of Islam days after the event and French and other western governments’ support of their inglorious act,” emphasized the statement.

“These insults are permitted under the banner of freedom of speech and expression, while a word of Holocaust is banned systematically; however, they allow profanity toward the highly revered character of Muslims,” blasts the statement; “we, the representatives in Parliament, explicitly state our disgust of this despicable act of disgrace, and support Muslims condemnation of French government conduct of the issue,” says the statement, closing with ‘harshly rebuking of Zarif’s visit to the country.’




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