Iran does not think much of West claims on human rights

TEHRAN, May 23 (MNA) – The Iranian interior minister said Tuesday that the Islamic Republic of Iran does not think much of the Western states claims on human rights violations in the country, calling them biggest violaters of the right in the world.

Sepaking in an interview with an Iranian media outlet in Tehran on Tuesday, interior minister Ahmad Vahidi gave his opinion about Islamic hijab, peacfull protests or authorized gatherings bill and Iran's share of the water in the shared Hirmand river with Afghanistan.

"Western claims are not worth much to us," the minister said adding "Westerners themselves are the biggest violators of human rights and violate the basic rights of humans; Especially the French government, which must be the first to be held to account for the brutal actions it takes against the trade union demonstrations in the country."

"Based on its moral, human and legal principles, the Islamic Republic of Iran considers trade union requests and lawful and purposeful marches to be correct and acceptable, and accordingly, we are planning to allow and legalize requests for gatherings and demonstrations (peaceful protests)."

"Protests with a specific purpose that take place in compliance with social discipline are accepted by the Ministry of Interior, and this issue is emphasized in the gatherings Bill that is being discussed, and any gathering based on the framework and formula discussed in this bill is acceptable and will be allowed to be held without any problems," he said.

He added that the ministry just opposes actions that do not meet legal and judicial norms and standards.

"No riots will be acceptable under the gathering (peaceful protests) bill," he noted.

According to Vahidi, observing and respecting hijab and chastity laws is a matter of social value as well as a legal and social necessity as well as an important principle in protecting the family and the Iranian woman's rights.

He further said there are some people inside the country who are influenced by Western countries' propaganda and try to create inappropriate conditions in Iranian society, but they have failed to advance their plots so far, nor will they in the future.

Elsewhere in the interview, Vahidi rejected the claims made by the Afghanistan rulers for refusing to give Iran's share of the water in Hirmand such as drought and shortages of water in the neighboring country and said, "There are reports that contradict those claims, and for this reason, it has been offered to Afghanistan that Iranian experts and officials visit the dams on their soil, and if the water shortages are confirmed, the issue will be resolved; But if there is water, which is the case according to our experts, Afghanistan must fulfill its duty towards Iran and give our share of water."


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