Lots of military equipment handed over to army ground forces

TEHRAN, Apr. 11 (MNA) – On the occasion of the national Army Day, lots of new equipment and weapons, that have been overhauled, reproduced and produced by the Army Ground Forces were unveiled and joined to the units of the force.

Major General Seyyed Abdul Rahim Mousavi, Commander-in-Chief of the Army attended the ceremony of handing over more than a thousand military equipment and machines to the army ground force on Tuesday.

The new 10x10 Kian 800 tank truck, which is a vehicle that enjoys an 800 horse-power engine that can pull up to 200 tonnes, effectively allowing it to carry two 60-tonne tanks and which was designed and built by the Shahid Zarharan Production and Optimization Center, floating bridges with the capability to lay the ground for river crossing operations, a simulator of a 30 mm grenade launcher machine gun with the capability to improve the level of training and skill of the snipers, the electronic warfare Arash integrated system for the purpose of equipping rapid reaction and mobile offensive brigades to carry out surveillance and interception missions, were among the locally manufactured and reproduced equipment of the army ground forces that were unveiled during today's ceremony.

Also, the communication jamming system attached to the Mohajer-6 drone, the tactical control command vehicle, the communication vehicle for creating a mobile telecommunication station, the tactical cellular system with the capability to create coverage of the mobile phone communication network, and the Shahid Majid defense system were among the other achievements unveiled at the Army Ground Force unveiling ceremony today.

Also during today's ceremony, equipment and weapons in the fields of armor, artillery, rockets, drones, helicopters, forests, etc., including the Almas (Diamond) missile, the Qaem bomb, the anti-armor missile Dehalavieh 2,As many as three night vision binoculars systems, Chaff and Flare systems and the Shafaq missile attached to the Cobra helicopter, Fath 360 missile systems, smart and pinpoint bullets, heavy and super-heavy Kian 700 Plus and 600 tank carriers, Sahand 3 missile, Mithaq missile, air defense systems of mobile (moving) offensive units, 105 and 155 mm artillery after overhaul, reproduction, and addition of new facilities to these weapons done in the domestic industries of Shahid Zarharan, Self-Dufficiency Jihad Organization, the Ministry of Defense and in cooperation with the knowledge-based companies joined the operational units of the army ground forces in today's ceremony in the presence of the army commander general Mousavi.

National Army Day was designated in 1980 following a historic speech by late founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini. There, he thanked the army for its role in the victory of the Islamic Revolution of 1979, by announcing neutrality in the conflict between the former Pahlavi regime and the revolutionaries.


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