Baku should return to diplomacy

TEHRAN, Apr. 05 (MNA) – The evidence shows that during the past months, Azerbaijan has gradually distanced itself from the diplomatic procedure to resolve issues with its neighbors, including Iran.

The evidence shows that during the past months, the Republic of Azerbaijan has gradually distanced itself from the diplomatic procedure to resolve issues with its neighbors, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, and has replaced the transmission of messages through the media with constructive negotiations. When there are differences between countries, embassies are the first to be activated to normalize the situation, but the Republic of Azerbaijan has blocked the diplomatic process by suspending the activities of its embassy in Tehran.

On the other hand, the fundamental policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is to strengthen relations with neighboring countries, and in case of disputes with its neighbors, it tries to deal with the issue through good faith, patience and negotiation. Today's approach of Iran towards Saudi Arabia and the UAE is actually a proof of Iran's will to resolve disputes and strengthen relations with its neighbors.

Since the beginning of the conflicts between Baku and Yerevan in the last two decades, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always defended the territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and in the 44-day war, the position of the supreme leader of the revolution was the freedom of all the lands of Azerbaijan. Supporting the territorial integrity of neighboring countries and maintaining international borders is Iran's principled position, but the authorities and media of the Republic of Azerbaijan interpret this principled position as favoring Armenia. The Islamic Republic of Iran has relations with both Armenia and Azerbaijan within the framework of the neighborhood policy, and these relations are not against another country. One of the disputed issues between Tehran and the Republic of Azerbaijan is the issue of Azerbaijan's attempt to create a land route through the soil of Armenia between the mainland and the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, called the Zangzor Corridor.

Tehran believes that such an action if it is accompanied by the violation of the territorial integrity of Armenia and the occupation of areas of this country will cause the disconnection of the land borders of Iran and Armenia and will change the geopolitics of the region. Iran announced this position when Nagorno-Karabakh and 7 cities of the Republic of Azerbaijan were occupied by Armenia, and now it has the same policy regarding the Zangzor Corridor, which is logical and based on international standards. The media policy of the Republic of Azerbaijan is to introduce Tehran as a supporter of Armenia and turn the characteristic of Iran-friendliness of its people into Iranophobia. 

 Also, the Republic of Azerbaijan should not ignore Israel's role in destroying the relations between Tehran and Baku. In principle, one of Tel Aviv's goals for its presence in the countries around Iran is to destroy their relations with Tehran. Unfortunately, the activities of the Zionist regime have increased in the Republic of Azerbaijan and this regime has more opportunity to destroy relations between Tehran and Baku. Israel is not a friend of Muslim countries and uses these countries as a tool to achieve its goals, especially the continuation of the occupation of Palestine. At the current time, the situation of this regime is completely unstable, and even Zionist analysts discuss the fall and collapse of this regime. The opening of the embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the meeting of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of this country with a person like Netanyahu, who today is hated by the Zionists, was a miscalculation that indicates the weakness of diplomacy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In a meeting with Jihon Bayramov, Eli Cohen said: "Israel and Azerbaijan have a similar understanding of Iran's threats, and the Islamic Republic, in addition to threatening our regions, also destabilizes the entire Middle East." It was expected that the Republic of Azerbaijan, as a friend and neighbor of Iran, would give a strong response to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Israel regime and his invitation to create an axis against Iran.

The Republic of Azerbaijan should take the lead and return to the path of negotiation and diplomacy and avoid making insulting and baseless claims by the media against Iran. There is no doubt that the media in this country is completely under control and their content is published in coordination with the official authorities, so Harsh media approaches against Iran have automatically caused a kind of coldness in bilateral relations.

Iran is a country that has had very good relations with Azerbaijan at different times, and these relations can be revived by starting and continuing contacts and resolving disputes.

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