Enemies seek to starve Yemenis in new form of war

TEHRAN, Sep. 10 (MNA) – The speaker of the Iranian Parliament Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf said Saturday that the enemies seek to turn the war on Yemen into an economic war after failing in the military battlefied.

The Speaker of the Iranian Parliament Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf held a meeting and exchanged views with Mohammed Abdul-Salam, Spokesman for Yemen's Ansarullah Movement in Tehran on Saturday.

Ghalibaf stressed in the meeting that the Islamic Republic of Iran fully supports Yemeni independence and the talks between Yemeni groups and considers that support that as a religious and human duty. 

The parliament speaker highlighted that "our enemies, especially America and Israel, changed the way of war with our country and turned to an economic war in a bid to weaken the culture and spirit of jihad and martyrdom among the people," after failing in the military war.

He stressed that "The Zionist regime and America only understand the language of force," and in order to repel the threats both Iran and Yemen need to strengthen and increase their power to force the enemy to retreat. 

According to the Iranian speaker, the enemies in Yemen are turning the war into an economic war so that they can pressure the people to turn against the government.

He said that overcoming problems needs strengthening the spirit of courage, patience and resistance among the people.

The spokesman for Yemen's Ansarullah Movement for his part said that Yemen is in a very difficult situation as it is struggling with a tiring war.

He praised the Islamic Republic of Iran for adopting a wise position toward the Yemeni people.

Mohammed Abdul-Salam went on to say that nowadays Yemen has the upper hand in economic and military fields among other parties involved in the war on Yemen, adding that in the talks with different Parties it is obvious that they are aware of Yemenis' remarkable progress in various fields.

Referring to the continued enemy's severe pressures on the Yemeni people and the continuation of the economic blockade of that country, he stressed that perhaps Yemen will reconsider the ceasefire if these conditions and pressures on the Yemeni people continue.

"The Americans and the Saudis want the ceasefire to continue... Of course, we want the economic blockade to be lifted on the Yemeni people so that we can benefit from the ceasefire."

"Our point of view regarding the ceasefire is that the blockade must end and foreign forces leave Yemen, and until these goals are not achieved, the ceasefire should not be extended," the Yemeni spokesman said.

"We know that the enemy wants to bring us to a standstill in order to win over us, but our nation will stand against their excessive demands and we will not allow them to destroy our country," he further concluded.


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