When Trump talks about destruction of Israel

TEHRAN, Dec. 12 (MNA) – Donald Trump acknowledged that he supported Netanyahu's claim of annexing the Golan Heights to the occupied territories and played a role in Netanyahu's victory in the last two years.

"If it were not for my help, Israel would have been destroyed," former President Donald Trump, known for his outspokenness and use of unusual language in dealing with his opponents, was quoted as saying by the Associated Press. 

There is no doubt that relations between the United States and the Zionist regime were very wide during Trump's rule and Trump took many steps to support Netanyahu, including recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and reducing Washington's aid to the Palestinians. Aside from Trump's personal settlements with the former Israeli prime minister and dissatisfaction with Netanyahu's congratulatory message to Biden, Trump's acknowledgement of the possibility of Israel's destruction should be considered.

The former US president could have expressed his outrage at Netanyahu and called him "damn" without mentioning the destruction of Israel. Trump's reference to the destruction of Israel shows that this event has always existed in the mind of the former US president as a possibility, and at the present time he has spoken it willingly or unwillingly.

Recently Rogel Alpher, an Israeli author also stated that the regime is on the verge of extinction and removal from the world map. "Israel has signed its death certificate and we just have to wait for its time," he wrote in a bold note in the Haaretz newspaper. The analyst cited the existence of racism in the occupied territories as the main reason for the destruction of Israel's apartheid regime, writing: "Israel is an apartheid-based regime due to discrimination between Jews and Palestinians of Arab descent."

Even after Biden came to power, US absolute support for Israel was replaced by weaker support, which was one of the reasons for Netanyahu's defeat in the Israeli election. On the eve of the start of the nuclear talks, Tel Aviv angrily called on the Biden administration to attack Iran but did not receive a promising response from Washington. The Israeli daily Haaretz stressed that the United States would not partner with Israel in a possible attack on Iran. "The United States has no evidence that Iran has decided to arm its nuclear program," CIA Director William Burns said on 6 December. The New York Times, in a special report based on talks with more than a dozen US and Israeli officials, reported an escalating dispute between Israel and the United States over continuing negotiations with Iran.

At the grassroots level, opponents of Israeli interference in US affairs are also dissatisfied with Washington's performance in West Asia and its unwavering support for Tel Aviv. The question for the American people is why did their governments spend more than $ 7.5 trillion to support Israel's security? American intellectuals say that US support for Israel has made Muslim and Arab countries hostile to the United States and that the money should have been spent on improving the living conditions of the people inside the United States.

Although Trump's views on the destruction of Israel and the dissatisfaction of some American officials and people can not be prevented from the rapid severance of long-standing US ties with the Israel regime, but we must accept the fact that significant and continuous victories in the region - Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad -, The popular uprising of Yemen and Ansar al-Islam and the endangerment of vital goals in Israel have made the destruction of this regime possible.

Continuation of this situation could gradually increase the pressure of the international community and g institutions on the Zionist regime and the public demand for a referendum with the participation of the Palestinian people and the people of the occupied territories, and in the shadow of this referendum, as the apartheid regime in South Africa Destroyed, the racist regime of Israel will also be exposed to collapse.

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