Assad sowrn-in as Syria president for 4th term

TEHRAN, Jul. 17 (MNA) – Bashar al-Assad is sworn-in for another term as Syria's president after winning presidential elections in Syria by a landslide.

The inauguration ceremony of Bashar al-Assad started on Saturday afternoon in Damascus.

During the inauguration ceremony today, President Bashar al-Assad first took the constitutional oath before Speaker and members of the people’s Assembly in the presence of political, party, media, religious figures and families of the martyrs and the injured.

After taking oath, President Assad addressed the attendance saying that people’s unity thwarted the plots that sought to partition the country.

Bashar al-Assad won a fourth term in office after winning 95.1% of the votes on May 26, 2021. 

According to SANA, the Syrian president added that those proposals which continue until today, and have been prepared by some agents aim to reach a constitution that puts Syria at the mercy of foreign powers, but these attempts have vanished by virtue of the Syrian people’s resilience.

He affirmed that stability of society is the top of postulates and anything that affects its security and safety is absolutely rejected as any society that does not consolidate or respect values cannot be a stable or prosperous society.

President Assad added “Our trust in our army that it will achieve liberation even after a while… and our belief in ourselves, our history and our civilization…this trust has achieved the impossible, and this is what we need today to confront the economic war.”

He added that the people who have carried on a fierce war and regained most of their lands are certainly able to build their economy during the most difficult circumstances and with the same will and determination.

Assad went on to say that “we lose when we believe that self-distancing is a policy and it will protect us from fragments of chaos in our surroundings, or when we believe that issues surrounding us are isolated from our cause, and we win when we deeply understand that the closest of those issues to us is the issue of Palestine.”

“Liberating what has remained of our land is a priority, its liberation from the terrorists and their Turkish and US sponsors,” President Assad said, according to a translated version of his speech by SANA.


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