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TEHRAN, Feb. 01 (MNA) – Nowadays, the companies that provide online taxi services are increasing. Most of the people (especially young group) use to take a taxi via mobile applications and this has made it easier and faster taking a taxi.

G&M Direct Hire one of the best car rentals in London that provides you with services to makes your journey more convenient. This company provide all services related to PCO hire for you.

How many companies do you know that work in case of PCO car rental in London?

The PCO car hires companies (Like G&M Direct hire) make your feeling sure and provide good features for your car such as least obligation, Comprehensive (including PHV licence, insurance, best maintenance service) and the G&M wants only one thing from you, look at the road and have safe driving.

What is PCO car hire?

Be in the peace of mind, you will never be unemployed while you have a car, this is the best description for PCO car hire and through it, you cant join to the PCO car rental companies. G&M direct hire is one of these PCO car rental companies that you can join the PCO fleet through this company.

Best cars for PCO in London

According to popular poll about the best cars for PCO, you can check the what Models of Vehicles are most popular and see the best PCO car hire London below:

  • Toyota Prius
  • Mercedes Benz E-Class
  • Kia Niro
  • Volkswagen Sharan
  • Nissan Leaf
  • Volkswagen Sharan

If you are looking for PCO car rental in London, search PCO car hire or rental in London on google

There is some PCO car rental in London but this is you to choose the best always. PCO car hires London companies provides some services for their customers, there are some features and services of G&M Direct Hire that can see in below:

Mercedes E-Class PCO car hire

There are many ways to enjoy your life and one of them, sit in the Mercedes Benz. E-class show you how a vehicle can be comfortable especially when you sit on its seats and put your hands on steering wheel. You can rent this Luxury car with excellent conditions and service you can see in below:

  • Using evidence to Uber and BOLT
  • Support in an accident situation
  • Booking services
  • Car servicing, changing tires, MOT, all free
  • Rent cost: £250 per week
  • Deposit: you can deposit £500 or you can use instalments (weekly)

Nissan Leaf PCO car hire

Chosen by people who want comfort driving and have a small family.
The exterior design of Leaf at first glance, at first glance, it causes so that you don't take your eyes off it. To renting this Eye-catching vehicle you can see its conditions in below:

  • Use the documents for Uber and BOLT
  • assist in an accident situation
  • easy way to booking service
  • servicing and changing tires and MOT, all free
  • Rent cost: £170/week
  • Deposit: you can deposit £500 or pay it as instalments weekly

Toyota Prius Plus PCO rental

One of the most popular vehicles is Toyota Prius, every one like it.

Its plug-in can be a good feature to choose this car as PCO rent. The renting conditions observable in below:

  • Documents eligible for Uber and BOLT
  • Accident covering
  • Service Reservation
  • Free to special services (changing tires, servicing, MOT)
  • Rent for a week: £170
  • Deposit: deposit £500 or use instalments weekly

Kia Niro for rent PCO

Looking for a compact and crossover vehicle? Suggested car is Kia Niro PCO hire, similar to Kia Sportage and leaves yourself to roads while driving with Kia Niro. Conditions to rent PCO are:

  • Uber & BOLT you can upload the pieces of evidence there.
  • Cover and support when an accident happens
  • Easy reservation for service
  • Tire changing, car services & MOT free of charge
  • Cost per week: £170
  • Deposit: deposit £500 or pay instalments weekly

The PCO car hire London has been checked and surely something crossed your mind which you can make a better decision to choose the best PCO car hire London. In the following, you will get more information about PCO car rental

What is a PCO licence?

The PCO licence, allows you to work as a taxi drive such as Uber drive. The validation time for PCO licence is 3 years. Requirements to get a PCO licence includes the following:

  • Being at least 21 years old
  • 3 years UK licence driving
  • No criminal record and have DBS check
    you must provide the pieces of evidence that show you are a nice person.
  • pass the medical examination
    you can complete this examination with cost around £80
  • Pass the Topography skills
    This skill shows you understand the map and you can locate places.
    the cost of this is about £50/applicant
  • Pass the English Language test
    It doesn’t mean you need to get a professional licence for the English language. Only need to take a test (many cases showed sometimes your academic licence can be alternative and you don’t need to take a test

Do I need PCO for Uber?

The answer is yes, you need to provide PCO licence to use Uber as ambassador. By PCO licence, you can also use it in other companies similar to Uber or BOLT or LYFT.

What car can I use for PCO driving?

It is very important what is the model of your car. There are some characteristics and features that help us to find out, is our car eligible for joining PCO fleet or not. Follow the below to see what’s this requirement:

  • The car must use Euro 6 petrol or Diesel engine, or it can follow Euro 4 (for Hybrid engines).
  • The car must have 4 independent doors.
  • The must not have commercial branding
  • Note: there are no rules that force the driver to be the owner of the car for PCO driving.

PCO car for sale:

The PCO cars can put for sale too, the owner can sell the car but one of the benefits than the other used car, you can sell the PCO cars sometimes more than the price of the other used car. PCO car hire is not just for renting, the owners can sell their cars too.

What is Uber car rental?

Through this way, you can rent a car from Uber to do your tasks. It doesn’t matter how long do you want to rent the car, just make your feeling sure and get your rented car. there’s no any time limitation to rent a car from the Uber. To join the Uber fleet, you need to get your PCO car licence.

At the end, we hope to show you which company is the best in PCO car rental in London.

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