WMD producers, sellers not eligible to defend Human Rights

TEHRAN, Dec. 20 (MNA) – Reacting to the anti-Iran resolution of the EU Parliament, the Iranian lawmakers said that sellers of weapons of mass destruction to dictator Saddam who killed many Iranian youths are not eligible to defend the human rights.

In the open session of the Iranian Parliament, a group of Iranian lawmakers issued a statement in reaction to passing a human rights resolution against the Islamic Republic of Iran by the European Parliament.

The following is the text of the statement:

In an interventionist and ridiculous move, the European Parliament has imposed sanctions on Iranian officials, accusing them of violating human rights.

We, the representatives of the Iranian nation, condemn the anti-Iran move of the European Parliament.

European Parliament criticizes Iran for punishing criminals who are against the national security of the country.

Manufacturers and sellers of weapons of mass destruction (WMD)to dictator Saddam who killed thousands of Iranian youth are not eligible to defend the notion of human rights.

Not only European Parliament members keep silent about the inhuman assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists, but also they support MEK terrorists who killed 17,000 innocent Iranians.

While the terrorist and criminal regime of Zionist have confessed to assassinations of Iranian scientists, European Parliament members have never dared to criticize those criminals.

For years, US-backed and Europe-backed terrorists and their allies carried out massacres against hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.

But the European Parliament and the false claimants of human rights not only did not condemn these crimes but also provided all possible assistance to state and non-state terrorists.

Such false claimants of human rights in the European Parliament, deliberately, deprive Iranian patients of access to necessary medicines through imposing cruel sanctions and pressures.

Therefore, the Iranian Parliament calls on the government to take retaliatory masseurs against European officials who imposed cruel medicine sanctions and who committed inhuman crimes against Iranian nations.


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