Responding to US president pointless, wrong: expert

TEHRAN, Jun. 06 (MNA) – Responding to Trump who himself has no place in US is wrong and Iranian Foreign Minister must not fall into his trap.

Hossein Kanani Moghadam an expert political analyst in foreign policy made the remarks on Saturday regarding Zarif’s Twitter response to Trump on returning to the Nuclear Deal and said, “It seems that there is no longer any point in replying to Trump’s tweets and even his official messages.”  

“Trump has spread racism and is currently suffering from the crisis of legitimacy in his country, and he has been involved in suppressing US people and also has no place in the US. Answering his messages is a mistake and our Foreign Minister should not fall into his trap,” he noted.

“Trump seeks to maintain his ties with Iran but I must say that our answer has been decisive. We have given our response to the United States by overcoming oil sanctions as well as on the battlefield and Ain al-Assad airbase,” he added.

“It seems that Trump's propaganda close to the November 2020 election indicates that the president of the United States is looking for gaining privileges, not giving them, and we should not be fooled by the actions of someone who does not even have a place in his country, moreover, it is not clear at this time whether or not he will be victorious in the next election,” he maintained.

Referring to the emphasis on the Nuclear Deal despite many experts confirming the end of the accord, he said, “In this case, we are faced with two issues. One of them is the relation with the US, and the other is the nuclear deal itself.”

“JCPOA is an international agreement with the cooperation of Russia, China, Germany, France, and Britain, however, the US is not part of it. We are currently pursuing the Deal without the United States,” he added.

“It indicates that we are totally disappointed with the US regarding the Nuclear Deal. The US has not met its commitment in the framework of JCPOA and is not currently part it,” he said.

“Another issue I have to mention is the issue of negotiation with the United States. Previously, there were some opportunities to negotiate with the United States; But with the assassination of Lt. General Soleimani by Washington, there are no other openings anymore,” Kanani maintained.

“It appears that those who are falsely looking forward to conducting negotiations with the US do not have a clear understanding of the developments in Iran and in the world,” the expert concluded.

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