Free, universal access to AI-MED Covid-19 detection system

TEHRAN, Apr. 19 (MNA) – “In cooperation with the Mustafa (pbuh) Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF), AI-MED Covid-19 Detection System will be offered to all medical and research centers around the world for free”, said the head of the Mustafa (pbuh) prize Information and Communication Science and Technology group.

Talking about AI-MED Covid-19 Detection System, Hamid Reza Rabiee, a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Sharif University of Technology, a consultant and member of AI in Health Expert Group at WHO, and the head of the Mustafa (pbuh) prize Information and Communication Science and Technology group, said: “There are many different ways to detect Covid-19; Chest CT Scans, however, are used by medical specialists as one of the best diagnostic ways with high accuracy. So far, several activities have been performed to use artificial intelligence (AI) to help detect this disease.”

“China has already used AI to diagnose this disease; so has a company affiliated to Stanford University in the United States,” he added. “We have also been focusing on AI application in CT Scans, and managed to innovatively design a system which detect Covid-19 rapidly and accurately. This system can also estimate the spread of the infection.”

AI-Med System available to physicians and medical centers throughout world

The head of the Mustafa(pbuh) prize Information and Communication Science and Technology group further said: “Systems used in China or the United States are more than 90 per cent accurate. The AI-MED, which is a product of young scientists’ ingenuity and innovation, has created a system with greater precision and higher sensitivity utilizing descriptive strategies in machine learning and innovative pre-processing module on CT Scan images. Designed by the Iranian research team, this model utilizes an innovative pre-processing module to remove possible batch effects and deploys data from multiple sources for end-to-end training of Deep Neural Networks (DNN) in less than one minute with an accuracy score of above 97 per cent. In addition, the system calculates the size and volume of the infected areas for a more effective treatment of COVID-19 patients. The system is available to physicians and medical centers around the world for free so that they can quickly diagnose the disease accurately for the world’s large patient population.”

Rabiee stated that Covid-19 is invisible to the naked eye in some images of the early stages of the disease, and continued: “We had samples from different hospitals where they could not have detected the disease by just looking at the images. The AI-MED, however, can recognize anomalies at the early stages due to its excellent design.”

Rabiee continued: “This system has been developed under my management and the cooperation of Dr. Hossein Ghenaati, a professor of Radiology at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, AI-Med research team, as well as the collaboration of Tehran, Iran, Isfahan, and Kerman universities of medical sciences. Also, Tehran Medical Imaging Center and Baghiyyatollah Hospital provided our team with valuable images. Undoubtedly, this system would never come into existence without radiologists’ and physicians’ cooperation. We hope all medical specialists around the world have access to this system as an intelligent assistant.” For more information, please visit

AI-MED System ready to go to other countries

Noting that countries such as Canada, Romania, and Indonesia have already requested to use this system, Rabiee said: “Using medical systems requires a number of legal and ethical arrangements which have been carried out since last week; this product will soon be sent to different countries upon their demand. This system can be installed on hospital PACS, desktop, and web, and all three types are available. AI-Med will be installed and commissioned in Yazd, Qom, Qazvin, and Tehran hospitals. Also, we have plans to offer the system abroad.”

AI-Med ready to cooperate with Islamic countries

 “We hope to quickly provide the Islamic countries with this smart system. We are ready to exchange scientific ideas with the Muslim countries and to provide them with our research for their further studies,” Rabiee stressed.

The head of the Mustafa(pbuh) prize Information and Communication Science and Technology group said: “Communication is certainly one of the most important issues for expanding cooperation among the Islamic countries; the MSTF has a vast network in the Islamic countries, through which it can establish effective communication. We welcome this and hope that we will be able to provide this system to the Islamic countries at our earliest.”

Covid-19 with us until we produce medicine and vaccine

 “At the moment, the most important factor is to be calm and not scared. People should maintain social distancing and follow health tips. If they observe these issues, we will overcome this crisis, by God’s grace and succor. This virus, of course, will be with us until the production of medicine and development of a vaccine. It is highly likely that we will have this virus with us in 2020; therefore, we must take the necessary measures to deal with it, while adopting a new lifestyle during this Corona period,” he added.


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