Rouhani says economic situation to be 'decent' this year

TEHRAN, Apr. 15 (MNA) – Speaking on Wednesday at the meeting of the cabinet, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that that dark atmosphere that the enemies have portrayed is untrue, promising that the economic situation will be satisfactory this year.

Iranian President explained the five steps that the government has taken during the fight against coronavirus, stressing, "Despite the problems caused by anti-Iranian sanctions and the coronavirus, this year’s condition in the fields of agriculture, industry, and services will be acceptable because of people’s support and sacrifices."

“Today, people’s concern is health and livelihood, and we must do something to fight the disease and unemployment at the same time. If we can implement this comprehensive vision well, God willing, we can lead the country step by step to where it is desirable for people,” he said.

“Coronavirus is a problem for all countries in the world, almost the whole world has been affected by this wave of disease; both world politics and economics, people's lifestyle in the world, trade and transactions and everything is under the impact of the new situation,” Iranian President added.

Rouhani noted, “In this important matter, we can be successful if the people, the government and all bodies and agencies of the country are together,” adding, “The government has a duty to try to identify the infected people and to separate the infected from the society and to direct them to the hospitals and rehabilitation centers so that their illness does not spread to other parts of the society.”

“The second task of the government is to take care of those who need a hospital bed or, in acute conditions, a special care unit. The Ministry of Health has made great efforts, both in the first area, which is the identification of patients and in the second part, which is the care and treatment of patients,” the President said.  

“The medical staff in this historical period is where the people are proud of and we are very proud in history that from the first day until today, not any patient has gone to hospital to face a closed door,” he added.

Rouhani went on to say, “This is one of the honors of our medical sector, and of course, the doctors, nurses and all the medical staff have made an extraordinary effort and sacrifice during this period, day and night.”

“In some countries, when some patients went to the hospital and a bed was empty, the nurse and the doctor were not enough, and in some countries, there were enough beds, but the intensive care unit could not accommodate the patient,” Iranian President said.

“In our country, everybody supported the underprivileged with insurance, and in some cases, nothing was received from them and even foreign nationals who live legally in our country received treatment for free,” he added.

“The third thing the government had to do was to provide the equipment needed for public health or to equip our nurses and doctors,” Rouhani noted, adding, “Fortunately, special N95 masks and gowns or medicine needed by nurses in our hospitals are provided on a daily basis, and most of the people's needs are met, especially disinfectants.”

“The situation in our country in this regard is comparable to other countries and with developed countries, and a lot of work has been done in this field. The fourth case was the provision of essentials for people, which was part of the government's duties, and what was needed by the people on a daily basis, including food and health care,” the President continued.

Rouhani noted, “Here I would also like to thank the Central Bank, the transportation sector, customs and various sectors. During this period, transportation and the usual traffic in the country have decreased due to health protocols put forward by the ministry of health, or sometimes stopped in some areas, but truck traffic in these days has been more than in previous years. This shows that everything that was needed was provided with the effort that was made.”

“Shops, pharmacies, manufacturers, customs and transportation, all were active and we saw a general and public jihad in the country,” he added.

The President said, “I would like to tell our dear people that this year, in the agricultural sector, our situation is better than previous years, and this year in the field of agricultural production, we expect increased production by 3.5 to 4 percent and in the field of wheat, and 14 million tons of wheat is expected to be produced.”

“Now, the amount that is needed and what the bakeries need in public silos and guilds, or whatever they need in the industrial sector this year, and in other areas, the statistics provided by the Ministry of Agriculture are very good,” he added.


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