International community must act to lift US sanctions on Iran: Lebanese politician

TEHRAN, Mar. 26 (MNA) – A member of the Allegiance to Resistance Faction affiliated with Hezbollah Ibrahim Al-Musawi emphasized that US cruel sanctions against Iran should be lifted in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

COVID-19 which is considered the most dangerous virus in the world has attracted worldwide attention in recent months.

Iran, like other countries in the world, is currently confronting the spread of coronavirus and every effort has been made by the Islamic Republic in all the fields to contain the deadly virus. However, US cruel sanctions have created problems in this regard.

In the wake of the growing spread of COVID-19 and the demands of the international community to boost joint cooperation in the fight against coronavirus, we notice that the US refuses to lift sanctions on the Islamic republic and strives to intensify them against certain countries including Iran. The US administration claims that these sanctions do not include the imports of food and medicine.

In an interview with Mehr News Agency, a member of Allegiance to Resistance Faction affiliated with Hezbollah Ibrahim Al-Musawi maintains that US sanctions against Iran must be lifted amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

* Why do you think the US does not lift its cruel sanctions against some countries such as Iran that are struggling with the spread of the coronavirus?

First, let me say that a group of criminal elites rule the United States, and they are always against the freedom-seeking nations and governments which oppose US oppression.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is the forefront of these countries. Today, the US and many other western countries have revealed their immoral and hostile nature which is based on greed and cruelty. Therefore, they are always opposed to reducing the pressure on freedom-seeking countries.

*Do you think COVID-19 can be called an American virus and the US is using this as political leverage to pressure some countries?

I don't think it is an American-made virus, but what is clear is that Washington is committing criminal and cruel acts around the world that are far worse than the coronavirus.

*The United States claims that sanctions against Iran have not targeted the imports of food and medicine, but other countries are not able to send these necessities to Iran. What do you think?

The US is lying about the sanctions not targeting the imports of food and medicine to Iran because it did the same thing to Iraq for many years which led to the death of over one million Iraqi children.

US cruel and inhumane sanctions against the Islamic Republic are condemned and must not be observed by the international community and all the freedom-seeking governments and countries.

*Regarding Saudi Arabia, we see that Bin Salman seeks to seize control of the country by taking advantage of coronavirus. What is your opinion?

It is true. Mohammad Bin Salman only has one fixed goal which is taking control of the kingdom by adopting all necessary measures. He does not hesitate to do anything to achieve his goal.

Interviewed by Fatemeh Salehi

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