World changed after martyrdom of Lt. General Soleimani: Colombian analyst

TEHRAN, Feb. 26 (MNA) – The Colombian analyst Carlos Santa Maria said in an interview that Not only Iran but also the world has undergone a transformation after the martyrdom of Lt. General Soleimani.

In an interview with Mehr News Agency, Carlos Santa Maria said, “Three factors have always been involved in the survival of revolutions, which is also true for the Islamic Revolution of Iran. The first one is patriotism. Iranian people have always defended their land, religion, and family with a special sense of patriotism. If a nation does not have such a feeling, they will lose everything. The same is true for Cuba. The Cuban people do not allow anyone to invade their territory. If this patriotic factor is not involved, all revolutions will be destroyed.”

“The next factor is a very interesting tactic called "active resistance". This tactic works to strengthen the executive, legislative, judicial, and even military powers of the revolution. Military reinforcement is of utmost significance. Since the lack of this factor leads to the destruction of all nations by imperialism and the corrupt powers of the world. For example, during the Iraqi-imposed war against Iran, these powers failed to do anything. If a country is militarily powerful, no one will ever dare to invade it. The third prominent factor is the sense of dignity and honor. The anti-imperialist Iranian people maintain dignity and seek social welfare, thus they have remained steadfast in their revolutionary path”, he added.

The Colombian analyst further noted, “If these three factors are present in a revolution, it is stable and will not lose efficiency. Iranians possess Awareness and knowledge along with foresight. There have always been attempts to destroy the Islamic Revolution, however, due to these qualities, none of these efforts have been successful so far.”

Referring to US efforts to disappoint Iranians and lead them to failure, he said, “The United States has not benefited from anything in this field.  The US has always strived to take illegal revenge against Iranian people. Washington wants this revolution to be toppled. This is when everything is going the opposite way. The US has realized its own decline and the continued progress made by the Islamic Revolution of Iran.”

Mr. Maria pointed to the surprisingly positive impact of the Islamic Revolution and maintained, “Cuba and in general Latin America are well aware that Iran is a model. Yemenis share the same view. We observe how they have resisted against Saudi Arabia which holds huge technological and military power. After the martyrdom of Lt. General Soleimani and his comrade Mahdi al-Mohandes, we noticed how Iranians showed Awareness and awakening. They sent a message to the US saying, “We just gave you a slap, wait for the next consequences of your action! You will never be able to commit such crimes again!” these words can only be uttered by people who have a clever understanding of the world.”

“I want to put emphasis on a theory. That is, not only Iran but also the world has undergone a transformation after the martyrdom of Lt. General Soleimani. In fact, American terrorism actually failed in this case. The world has changed since that day, and the US realized that the only formula that could destroy a nation was weapons, as other factors have failed to achieve US goals. There are other countries such as North Korea that say, “If the US shows the slightest kind of aggression, we will respond harshly”. The world has changed today, and anyone who has the power to respond can stand up to US imperialism and defend himself freely. The US is drowning more and more every day, as the Resistance Front is well aware of what is happening in the present world”, he noted

Regarding the prospect of the second stage of the Islamic Revolution, the analysts said, “Given the geographical power, there are two very important issues to consider in the current situation. First, in the humanitarian field, Iran managed to establish good and effective relations with many countries around the world. This has given Iran a unique force. Second, the country has made numerous advances in various fields, which enhanced its confidence in the International arena. Iran and other free and independent countries that have been wounded by the United States, such as Russia, Venezuela, China, etc. must defend themselves. Now it's time to attack. They must put pressure on the US through media and International relations. It is currently a new era. Resistance is not enough anymore, we have to move forward. This is an active resistance.”

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