Details of IRGC missile attack on US bases in Iraq by Danish officer

TEHRAN, Jan. 13 (MNA) – A Danish officer has provided important details of the IRGC missile attack on the US base (Ain al-Assad) in Iraq.

When asked about the details of the IRGC missile attack on the US base (Ain al-Assad) in Iraq, the Danish officer said that following the attack, they immediately sought refuge in the strong and secure underground shelters, adding that they waited there in horror.

After the attack, a lot of soil was poured into their shelter so that they could hardly breathe, he added, saying that at that moment, the danger sirens sounded.

The missiles appeared to be equipped with very precise radar devices, and subsequent missile strikes continued and nearly 13 missiles were fired, he said.

Shelters were never targeted, he stressed, adding that Iran did not appear to have sought attacks that cause too many killings.

By the way, it appears that this is a message to the world that Iranian are Muslims and not murderers, contrary to what the US tries to show, he noted.

Iran wants to say that if they were murderers, they would have killed thousands of soldiers and officers, he added.

The missile attacks were very accurate and targeted with great accuracy, without even a missile falling or deviating from the target, he mentioned.

In this regard, we can find that the Iranians had detailed maps of the base, the headquarters, the shelters, and the hangars, he said.

Iran did not target the Iraqi wing or its shelters and medical centers, he noted.

Iran has focused solely on the US wing and its chosen targets which indicate that the Iranians have detailed maps of all military and foreign bases in Iraq and throughout the Middle East, he added.


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