Manipulation of realities by mainstream media

TEHRAN, Oct. 02 (MNA) – Mainstream foreign propaganda and news outlets have launched a new wave of anti-Tehran campaign in order to deceive public opinion and overshadow Iran's stabilizing activities in the region.

Victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran 40 years ago was beginning of a new page of regional and international developments. Since then Iran has made efforts to establish unity among the countries of the Islamic world and to bring about lasting peace and stability throughout the region. These factors have led the Islamic Revolution to be heard by other governments and nations around the world. Today, many political observers believe that the emancipation from dictatorial regimes is practically possible through the implementation of  patterns' of Islamic Revolution of Iran.

Nevertheless, propaganda and news outlets affiliated to the Hebrew-Arab-Western axis are trying to deceive public opinion of the region and the world by dissemination of fake news about the achievements of Iran.

For instance, they claim that Iran has been behind divisions between the Shias and the Sunnis. Assisting Palestinian, Standing with the Syrian government and supporting the Syrian people who are mostly Sunnis, holding conferences on Islamic unity as well as forbidding insulting prominent Sunni figures affirm that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always called for the unity between Shias and Sunni.

All the above mentioned issues indicate that the claims of media and news agencies about Tehran's divisiveness is nothing more than a big lie.

Accusing Iran of supporting terrorism is another claim of these medias against Iran; the claim that has never been provided with any conclusive evidences. Defending any group, party and organization which are struggling for their independence and territorial integrity is portrayed as manifestation of backing of terrorism by these mainstream medias. However, the Islamic Republic's definition of terrorism is plundering, encroaching upon the national sovereignty of nations, seizing the wealth and natural resources of nations, and killing defenseless and innocent people.

In this regard, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always fought with various terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda and ISIL. For instance, it has always supported resistance groups in Lebanon, especially Hezbollah which are effective in military, as well as political, social, and cultural fields in the region.

The widespread support of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Iraq and Syria has also led to eradication of ISIL. The Islamic Republic of Iran's explicit stance in Yemen is also based on support to resistance and opposition to the continuation of aggression.

These policies and positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran have prompted Americans and Westerners to propagate a wave of Iran phobia across the region and the world. They have always tried to portray Iran as a threat to the countries of the region, especially the Arab countries.

This is the reason why they try to attribute the attack on Saudi oil facilities to Tehran through a lot of propaganda, while satellite images illustrate the fact that Tehran did not intervene in the attack.

In this regard, they declared that Iran’s HOPE (Hormuz Peace Endeavor) initiative is nothing more than a claim to proclaim itself a harbinger of peace, while they themselves are supporting the Zionist Regime, the biggest threat to the region and the world in the Persian Gulf.


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