Will “O’Brien” continue to serve as Trump’s National Security Adviser?

TEHRAN, Sep. 29 (MNA) – Following Bolton’s dismissal, Donald Trump appointed Robert O’Brien as the new White House National Security Adviser out of five proposed options.

Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser, John Bolton, was dismissed while he was Trump's third national security adviser in a short time.

John Bolton was elected as the US President’s National Security Adviser after General McMaster; it was evident for all that has anti-Iranian positions. From the first day, Bolton, according to forecasts, took strong stance against Iran and spoke in numerous speeches of his desire to overthrow the Iranian government. John Bolton, who did not believe in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, was always trying to plan more aggressive sanctions to potentially break the agreement completely.

On September 10, Donald Trump ousted Bolton while now the United States is in a precarious position in relation to Iran's position and the US senior officials are still confused about the issue that with what solutions can make Iran give up against their desires.

Bolton has always had harsh policies against Iran, believing that sanctions should be increased against Iran and believed that sanctions should be increased so that the bones of Iran could be crushed. Even on several occasions Bolton insisted on a military strike against Iran and Trump and the Pentagon representatives opposed. In all of his speeches, he spoke against the Islamic Republic of Iran; it seemed that he had a great grudge against the Islamic Republic. Last year, on such days, he had stated that the Islamic Republic would not see its fortieth celebration.

What happened, dismissal or resignation, indicate that the disagreements had reached an irreconcilable stage. Generally experts predict two types of disagreement for Bolton’s ouster; it has been said that Bolton and Donald Trump on the one hand, and Bolton and Mike Pompeo and some other members of the government on the other hand had disagreement among themselves.

What is certain is that Bolton's consultations with the US president did not work, and in many cases Trump did not see John Bolton's consultation according to his goals and wishes; hence he has failed to make good decisions in American politics internationally, especially in the Middle East region. This made Donald Trump announce that Bolton is no longer needed at the White House. Although Bolton has claimed that he had submitted his resignation for the first time, experts say that Donald Trump was tired of John Bolton's interference in decisions about Iran, North Korea and Venezuela.

Now the question is whether “Robert O’Brien” succeeds as Trump’s fourth National Security Adviser, or does he eventually become like the three former advisers?

A few days after the ouster of Bolton, O’Brien was introduced as Donald Trump's fourth new National Security Adviser; meanwhile Bolton's ouster has created a lot of dispute in the world, and everyone believes that if O’Brien does not continue Bolton’s affairs, he will succeed in this position.

But like Bolton, O’Brien has taken strong stance against Iran and was one of Barack Obama’s obstinate critics at the time of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action agreement. He described Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action as the most important weakness of the Barack Obama’s government, and described the signing of the agreement as silly, because he believed it paved the way for the nuclear Iran. Furthermore, O’Brien describes Iran as the world’s biggest supporter of terrorism and believes that Iran should change its behavior.

What was O’Brien’s distinguishing characteristic in relation to four other options that Trump preferred over them and replaced him with Bolton.

Trump had spoken of his close working relationship with O’Brien, promising he would do good things during this time. O’Brien might not hold a prominent position in recent US governments, but he has a significant background in foreign policy. He had been active at the State Department since May 25, 2018 as Special Envoy of the President for taking hostage. His presence in the George W. Bush government and his constructive relationship with the Pentagon and State Department Relations provided a strong reason to persuade Trump to elect him as the new US National Security Adviser.

The new US National Security Adviser took the helm of this post in difficult circumstances. On the one hand, severe Saudi tensions with Iran and on the other hand, tensions between the United States and Iran, as well as the formation of an American military coalition in the Persian Gulf, have made the situation more difficult for America than ever before.

O’Brien has always maintained that Iran is a sworn enemy of the United States and is seeking to hit US and Israeli targets in a long-term plan, and we should not allow that.

O’Brien is aware of the negotiation techniques

What is clear is that Robert O’Brien has a very good record regarding negotiation and has always proven that he has succeeded wherever he has entered as the US representative in other countries in releasing prisoners and hostages.

He had even sent a letter to Mohammad Javad Zarif before his election, demanding that American prisoners in Iran should be released.

In his new post, he must seek Trump’s approval beyond his previous three advisors in order to stay in the White House until the end of the Administration, though Trump’s behavior and actions are unpredictable.


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