Best value budget hotels and tours in Iran

TEHRAN, Sep. 29 (MNA) – Iran is blessed with a history of 7000 years. For anyone wishing to travel and explore the history of Asia, Iran is the place to travel and visit as it bears marks of almost all important historical events, from the rise of the Medians and Achaemenids to the Arab conquest of the region.

The years along the ups and downs of the history have seen this country grow to a vastness of 5.5 million square kilometers under the Achaemenids, and shrink to the present size. Every city in Iran comes a long way down the line of history and has a story to tell. Today there are 23 registered UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran, from bazaars to palaces, temples and mosques, as well as natural heritages.

Now that you are reading this article you probably made a decision for traveling to Iran and you know about the Iran travel tips and guides and other stuff for travelling to Iran. If not, check out our guideline to travel and visit Iran to learn about your trip to Iran and how to visit must-see attractions in Iran. If you’d like to see more history and culture, the entrance fee for historical sites and museums is about € 2-3.

The Best Tours and Things to Do in Iran

The Best Budget Tours in Iran

Iran is the cradle of the greatest ancient civilizations; the curious country on the pages of famous travelogues narrating marvelous fables and stories about it. Aside from Iran’s glorious architecture and distinguished natural beauty, Iran is also known as a country of multiple ethnicities and one of the top tourist attractions in the world. This four-season country with the exemplary hospitality of its people can be regarded as one of the greatest attractions in Iran for tourists.

To take the most out of your visiting in Iran, you may need to book tours, unique experiences and things to do. You can experience an ancient heroic sport for minimum €6 or book a full board two-week tour for €1600. Please take a look at IranRoute‘s tour page, If you really like to find the best budget tours in Iran.

The Best Things to Do and Experiences in Iran

Iran is all about sightseeing and tourist attractions. These days, more and more tourists from around the world flock to Iran to experience its rich history and culture. If you want to discover more about this wonderful country and this is your first time traveling to Iran, here is a top list of Iran travel experiences and things to do. If you’d like to book and have a great experience of Iran history and culture, here is where you can find the best budget travel activities and things to do in Iran.

The Best Value Budget Hotels and Hostels in Iran

Tourists in Iran can choose to stay in hostels, hotels (from one star to five stars in some cities), traditional hotels, apartment hotels, ecolodges, campings and traditional guesthouses. In addition to this, many Iranians are members of couch-surfing and open the doors of their houses for tourists but couch-surfing isn’t illegal and it’s forbidden by government in Iran. Travel insurances do not cover your stay in such residences. Therefore, you cannot have any claims about accidents of any sorts that may happen during your stay at these houses.

For the most incredible experience of staying in Iran, we recommend the local houses and eco-lodges which have been renovated and redesigned in a way that tourists feel comfortable in their experience of living like a local in Iran.

Generally speaking, it’s easy to find the best value budget hotels in the main cities of Iran like Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd. The cost of most accommodations in Iran is affordable for one-night stay in hotels or hostels. Here, you can find the best budget value budget hotel and hostels in Iran.

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