How much does it cost to travel in Iran?

TEHRAN, Sep. 29 (MNA) – The answer to this question depends on your schedule, budget, and unstable exchange rates during your travel in Iran as well as the economy of the country. Here you can find a brief report of what the major travel costs are in Iran at the time of publishing this article “9/22/2019”.

Iran Visa Fee

Depending on the country of your citizenship, you may need to apply for a Tourist Visa before your trip to Iran through an Iranian embassy, or get a visa on arrival at one of international airports. Visa fee generally costs 40-230 euros, but it varies for different countries. Please check out IranRoute’s visa application form page to know about your visa fee and how to apply for Iranian visa.

Iran Travel Health Insurance

How to choose a travel and health insurance to travel in Iran? This is one of major questions for a lot of tourists which made a decision for visiting Iran. We recommend that tourists get insurance from a reliable company in their home country before traveling to Iran. Otherwise, travelers to Iran can make sure they get this service by the Iran Insurance Corporation for 15 € per person. This insurance supports costs up to 100.000 Euros; tourists costs will be covered based on the kind of loss incurred on them. This insurance can be purchase via online service of Iran travel and health insurance on IranRoute or in the International Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran, upon arrival.

Cost of Inner City Transportation in Iran

Bus: Depends on the city of your journey but the minimum price is 1000 tomans.

Taxi: Depends on the distance of your journey but the minimum price is 1000 tomans.

Metro: Depends on the city of your journey but the minimum price is 1000 tomans.

Cost of Intercity Transportation in Iran

The major cities in Iran have one airport, train station and at least two bus stations located in different parts of the city. Bus transportation is the most common means of traveling across Iran due to its low price and high availability. So, it would be a perfect choice for the foreign tourists who are after cheap means of transportation and have many spots on their itinerary. It is possible to buy bus tickets in Iran directly at bus terminals (in Rials only) or via IranRoute’s Bus Ticket Online Service (in Euro only).

Here we have included the prices of one way traveling for one person in Iran:

VIP Bus: 30.000 – 120.000 tomans (depending on the date of travel, and the company providing the service)

Train: 40.000 – 150.000 tomans (depending on the date of travel and type of the provided service)

Airplane: 200.000 – 100.000 tomans (depending on the date of travel and the airline)

Taxi: 300.000 – 700.000 tomans (depending on the distance  & date of your journey)

Cost of Accommodation in Iran

Tourists in Iran can choose to stay in hostels, hotels (from one star to five stars in some cities), traditional hotels, apartment hotels, ecolodges, campings and traditional guest houses. In addition to this, many Iranians are members of couch-surfing and open the doors of their houses for tourists but couch-surfing isn’t illegal and it’s forbidden by government in Iran. Travel insurances do not cover your stay in such residences.

Generally speaking, It’s easy to find the best value budget hotels in the main cities of Iran like Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd. The cost of most accommodations in Iran is affordable for one-night stay in hotels or hostels. Here, you can find a quote of budget accommodations in Iran:

Ecolodges : From € 10                          Hostel: From € 7

 Guest Houses: From  € 7                     Boutique Hotels: From € 45

2 Star Hotels: From € 12                 3 Star Hotels: From € 25

4 Star Hotels: From € 40                   5 Star Hotels: From € 55

Cost of Food & Drink in Iran

Iran is a country with more than 1000 types of food offering a wide range of cuisine from Middle Eastern to Mediterranean types. However, you can find international cuisine in every region in Iran. You won’t stay hungry in Iran as street food, mid-range and luxurious restaurants are in every corner. If you try staple food in restaurants, it costs €3-6 depending on the city and restaurant. You can try street food even for less than €1 and typical fast food for €2-4. A complete meal including a starter, main course, dessert, and drink costs about €15-20.

Cost of Entrance Fees in Iran

Iran is all about sightseeing and tourist attractions.  If you’d like to see more history and culture, the entrance fee for historical sites and museums is about € 2-3.

Cost of Tours and Things to Do

Iran is a country of ancient history, various ethnic groups, fascinating islands, high mountains and engaging museums. To take the most out of your visit to Iran, you may need to book tours, unique experiences and things to do. You can experience an ancient heroic sport for minimum €6 or book a full board two-week tour for €1600.

Cost of Personal Tour Guide

Personal tour guides take visitors around for 30 to 100 dollars a day.

Iranian Currency Information for Tourists 

The official currency of Iran is the Iranian rial (IR). However, people use tomans for their everyday trade. Bank notes and coins are crypt in rial. Every toman is 10 rials, so every 1000 tomans is 10.000 rials. You should be careful whether the price has been announced to you in rials or tomans; if it’s rials, you should take out the last zero and read the number. This is to say, if your shopping or restaurant bill totals 100.000 tomans, you must pay ten notes showing 100.000 rials (remember the last zero must be taken out!).

Simple Sample: Remove the Last Zero

Step 1: 10000 Rials
Step 2: 1000|0 >> Remove
Step 3: 1000 Tomans

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