Why did Europe give a six-month deadline to London?

TEHRAN, Apr. 26 (MNA) – Many political analysts in Europe believe that extending the London deadline for leaving the European Union will lead to a referendum on "election" again. It is noteworthy that the leaders of the two traditional British parties, the Labor and Conservative Party, are not opposed to this issue either.

However, the story does not end there! EU officials also seem reluctant to leave the UK out of this collection. Britain's granting a grace period of 6 months to be analyzed in the same way. Undoubtedly, European and English officials are trying to stay London in the European Union.

"Brexit" continues to be an implicit term in the Britain’s political equations. Complicating the process of the British withdrawal from the European Union is a joint measure taken by the British government and European authorities. At the same time, the British government, with its widespread negative propaganda against the Brexit, is seeking to re-arrange a referendum. In other words, the European authorities are trying to direct the public opinion about the Brexit.

Recently, some western news sources are speaking of an issue called “repeating the Brexit referendum”, and name it as a possible option! An option that had been previously denied by British authorities, including Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the country. According to the France news agency, regarding the increasing doubt about the British Prime Minister's efforts to conclude an agreement with the United Europe, the possibility of holding a second referendum on Brexit has multiplied.

This source has also announced that there are major obstacles on the way of confirming this agreement between Theresa May and European leaders, which has in turn intensified this trend. The existence of legal complexities in this agreement made its implementation difficult for both sides.  Meanwhile, it is possible that the members of the parliament will vote in favor of Theresa May's decision.

It seems that the game in London is very complicated! Meanwhile, supporters of the "People's Vote" campaign, who are now very active in UK, believe that the parliament’s negative vote will pave the way for a new referendum on the Brexit. This issue is no way contrary to the demands of Theresa May and the Conservative Party, but it’s secretly supported by them. The negative propaganda of the Theresa May’s government against the Bexit since 2016 is known to everyone.

 After the British citizens voted to leave the European Union in 2016, the two Labor and Conservative parties (as UK’s two traditional parties) tried their best to change the general vote on this issue. The active role played by people like former British Prime Minister Tony Blair can well indicate the dissatisfaction among British authorities over the Brexit.

The insistence of the European authorities on British participation in the European Parliamentary elections can also be analyzed in the same vein. They want to set England to stay in the EU. Meanwhile, supporters of Britain's withdrawal from the European Union will be victimized by the British and European politicians.


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