4 decades after Islamic Revolution: What are the reasons behind its steadfastness?

BEIRUT, Feb. 12 (MNA) – Four decades ago, this month, the Iranian people changed the history of their homeland. They all stood firmly to smash the Imperialist hegemony and its Shah puppet regime. Since then, Iran has witnessed a fundamental change in its diplomatic and political stance.

This article responds to some critics who have recently claimed that if the Supreme Leader Sayyed Ali Khamenei were not orienting the country's policy, Iran would have a leading role in the world and would have solid ties with the United States and other countries. However, it must be said that Iranian political behaviour is rooted in the depth of its ideology.

The ruling system in Iran is not based on a figure himself and what he says but rather on the ideology of the Velayat-e faqih. This ideology has been established by the later founder of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini, who had originally derived it from the authentic and moderate Islamic teachings. The teachings that guarantee justice and equality for all, despite their gender, race, religion, view, etc. Under this system, the political stance remains firm and those who constitute a threat and show a hostile position against the revolution would always be enemies.

This distinctive regime is feared by the imperialists for its independence and strength. If we draw on an analogy between this regime and the other regimes in the region, we would obviously notice how the US backs them. One might ask why them and not Iran? Well, simply because, from the very beginning, and in its core ideology, Iran has settled to safeguard its sovereignty, wealth and natural resources. Another reason is that Iran is ruled democratically by those members who the public have already freely elected.

On the contrary, the rest of the region's regimes are ruled by families, who the US and the UK immensely back, for such regimes lack their free-will and for they are subjects of the imperialist dirty propaganda. They would never reject the American policy as this would lead to their overthrow. Besides, to serve their interests, those colonial powers turn deaf ears and blind eyes to the inhumane human rights violations committed by those autocratic governments against their fellow citizens.

In Iran, the government and the parliament are established through free elections. Accordingly, people say their word and express their voices and concerns. In addition, the leader is appointed neither forcibly nor arbitrarily but by the council of elites, according to a specific and objective criterion. Therefore, one to lead the revolution and to maintain its principles and bodies must undoubtedly be shrewd and wise enough to manage the Iranian domestic and foreign policies.

Before 1979, Iran had social, cultural, political and economic affiliations with the US and other European countries as Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the former dictator, had been at their services. The Shah, then, made Iran the US's lactating cow in the Middle East. During his reign, the Iranians were governed by force and intimidation; their rights as humans were blatantly infringed. The majority were from the lower class and had been subjugated to preserve the interests of the powerful Bourgeoisie. They endured humiliation, oppression, and persecution.

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi had been the US gendarme in the region and directed by the Zionist enemy against the resistance factions. Whatsoever, under his reign, the Iranian suffered from various and critical security, health, educational, civic, social and economic crisis. Class discrimination and injustice have been enough reasons to rebel and make an inevitable change.

The rise of the revolution in Iran caused a terrible shock to many regional, European and US regimes. They had early perceived that this step would endanger their interests. Remarkably, none of them considers the Iranian people's interests and their hostility against the revolution has nothing to do with the mob's desires and aspirations.

Frequently, the US has tried to intervene to weaken the revolution, as what happened on the 20th of August 1953, 2009, December 2018. Nonetheless, the more the US tries to shake the Islamic Republic, the latter stands firmly and ferociously. Further, the more the US intensifies its inimical conspiracies against Iran, the more the Iranians show alertness and readiness to confront such unethical and imperialist practices. The US still ignore that who safeguard this revolution are the people, their determination, their faith, and their resolution. Again, it is an ideological well-built regime, which no empirical might would be able to force it into surrender.

The US and other European governments' unfortunate support for the terrorist MKO, reflects the nature of this malicious conspiracy against Iran and those governments' dual-policy. They preach on democracy and claim that they are fighting terrorism, whilst it is vivid that they sponsor criminals and terrorists such as Mariam Rajavi and her followers, who have committed scores of atrocities against innocent people.

The world must remember that despite the prolonged arbitrary sanctions and the US and some Arab countries' provoked war, the Baathist troops were humiliated, defeated and forced to retreat. The imposed economic sanctions turned out to be an opportunity for the Iranians to implement the golden rule: The necessity is the mother of innovation. Unequivocally, today Iran is among the world's top advanced countries at various industrial, scientific, technological, agricultural, medical and surgical, etc. levels.

Military speaking, Iran is now able to defend itself through its mighty home-made ballistic missiles. In Syria and Iraq, Iran has shown unprecedented capabilities in the fight against the NATO-backed terrorists, along with the governmental and popular resistance movements there. So, while Iran defends the oppressed innocent civilians, other countries spend trillion dollars-worth of logistical and military to support radical and fanatic terrorist groups.

In a similar vein, the violation of Iran’s nuclear deal by the US is yet another stance of aggression against Iran, despite the fact that it was ratified by five European countries and endorsed by the UN Security Council. Meanwhile, Trump is insistently and persistently trying unbridge the gap between the Iranians and the American people, who reject his and their consecutive administrations' colonial policies. The Americans are pretty much aware how, for at least 40 years, have been paying taxes to cover the wars' expenses led by Washington and its unlimited payment for those who plan to spread anarchy and commit suicidal attacks in Iran, and the entire world, such as the terrorist MKO.

MKO and some US affiliated Iranian dissents are like a worm in its cocoon; literally captured in the world of wishes and dreams and rely on an illegitimate and aggressive agenda, which Tehran so far have been accommodated to and ready to smash at any time. Indeed, this self-proclaimed opposition, that the US back by each and every means, is well-aware that the suspicious protests in Iran are to some extent held as a result of the US economic pressure and sanctions. Those dissents, under the pretext of saving the mother, are obviously killing her instead.

The American politicians should have so far acknowledged that this spectrum in Iran is a complete failure and an unmatched dream. Their reputation in Iran is notorious, particularly after the recent abruptly detention of the US-Iranian Journalist Marzieh Hashemi and their predetermined involvement in the murder of the Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The Iranians today, the revolutionaries and their sons, after 4 decades of the honourable revolution are stronger and steadily driving their homeland towards a prosperous and bright future.


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