Trump may have begun a serious turn for the better in Middle East

TEHRAN, Dec. 29 (MNA) – Rarely does a US President show common sense and a recognition of what is obvious. Donald Trump is indeed having some second thoughts about US foreign policy, and it is extremely welcome even if hopes for change prove erroneous.

He told some top brass in the military that, “we are spread out all over the world. We are in countries most people have not even heard about. Frankly, it’s ridiculous. You can’t have any more time. You’ve had enough time,” Trump stated.

One may ask, “enough time” for what? That’s a good question that can’t be easily answered. But the answer logically goes something like this: “Enough time” to have literally the entire world, or ALL the natives wherever the US military is, quaking in their boots or shoes or sandals or bare feet or whatever in abject submission to the US as if no one else exists except US military personnel, or no one else with even a scintilla of an independent idea or an aversion to having US soldiers on their soil.

This is the heart of the idea behind US imperialism – that there can be NO opposition of substance at all in any particular country, which is an extreme absurdity. In fact, this absurdity has been used as a ploy or trick or device to ensure that US soldiers never have to leave some foreign location or base or whatever or never can leave because, and this links to the second absurd fallacy: that as long as opposition to the US remains, the US cannot pull out because a pullout might expose the physical US to another 9/11 sized “terrorist” event on US soil.

It’s obvious, too, that enough American voters have bought into this bull crap such that the same Neocon-ish characters get sent back again and again to Congress or a White House staff to maintain the same old tired policies that have virtually bankrupted the US and worse.

The sad part is simply that aside from all the sheer damage the US has done overseas to make life difficult for millions of people, the US is now considered the most bellicose country on the planet – in a line, no friend to humanity at large. Many travelers know this now, which is one reason why when someone overseas asks “where from”, an answer can feel embarrassing. Many Americans simply say “Canada” provided they are not obliged to show their passports. It’s almost as bad and unsettling as having an Israeli or Zionist stamp of any kind in one’s travel documents.

No one can say, by claiming what he has recently, that Trump is some kind of genius. But he does show some common sense even while his Mideast policies have been and remain radically awry and dangerous. And make no mistake, Trump is beginning to bow to reality and that reality is simple enough: the US with all the fiat dollars and all the debt it has churned out or created for decades is broke even if it gets away with pretending otherwise for a while longer. The US as world policeman? It’s about over, and the Muslim world may rejoice ultimately. And where “terrorists” do exist, they exist largely because of destructive US policies that have created anger abroad.

Anyway, the nearly trillions of fiat funny money dollars all told that will be spent in fiscal 2019 is not required to protect US territory, which anyway is separated by two oceans from most of the rest of the world. The US has been squandering resources overseas for decades, really beginning with the Vietnam War (which forced Nixon in 1971 to abandon the dollar’s remaining link to real money, gold) and now, at last, this cannot continue without the ruination of the nation. It is probably this realization that has forced Trump, against many in Congress and all of his advisers including warmongers John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, to pull some troops out of Afghanistan and as well all US soldiers out of Syria.

Trump’s decision this December to abandon Syria, an Iranian ally, was the first time he ever took a stand against the Neocons and interventionists in Congress, in the military and in his administration that have dictated US foreign policy.

Some have even claimed that this decision has finally, after two years of blundering around, made him “presidential” – whatever that means. Trump’s focus may now be on preventing Turkey, Russia, and Iran from forging an alliance and on keeping Turkey in NATO. The idea of perpetual war in the Mideast to foment chaos and little more may be a thing of the past now and it appears the idea of creating a Kurdish state, which would likely be allied somehow with the Zionists, between Syria and Iran is dead.

In many respects, if Trump holds firm, he has finally fulfilled the campaign promises that likely got him elected in the first place. More importantly, while hideous economic sanctions may remain against Iran, the likelihood of a military attack against Iran and thus a major war looks to be dead, too, because it is too fiscally difficult if not impossible. More surprising decisions by Trump may be ahead, too, that might relieve some of the pressures on Iran which has done good in sticking with the JCPOA.

Perhaps Trump and others in the US government will also begin to see that carte blanche support for anything the Zionists want, as has been the case for decades, does not also make for policy beneficial to the US in the Middle East going forward. What’s interesting is that the entire ugly edifice and cruel plans of the Zionists, which Netanyahu has pushed hard for, may not be sustainable without that carte blanche support the US has maintained for decades.

Israel is not going to dissolve. It’s too strong militarily, but it may have to get real and become a friendlier neighbor to other countries in the Mideast, and kinder to its natives, the Palestinians, to survive at all in the longer term. You might say “Israel” could have within itself aspects of a Ponzi scheme that makes the entire colonial project unsustainable, as it has been, without a blank check given by the US to do as it pleases.


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