We are closer to you than you think: Gen. Soleimani to Trump

TEHRAN, Jul. 26 (MNA) – The IRGC’s Quds Force Commander Ghasem Soleimani in reaction to US President Donald Trump’s recent tweet against Iran said “we are closer to you than you think”, rebuking Trump for threatening Iran.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force Commander Major General Ghasem Soleimani made the remarks on Thursday in the city of Hamedan.

His remarks came in reaction to Donald Trump’s tweet on Sunday, in which the US president threatened Iran with what "few throughout history have suffered before."

Trump’s tweet was in turn a reaction to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s remarks in which he reminded Washington that peace with Iran will be the mother of all peace while war with the country will be the mother of all wars.

“Although Trump has been running the office for a year, his speech resembles that of a gambler,” said Gen. Soleimani. “When he talks with European countries, China, Russia or Korea, one feels like it is a gambler talking, and this means demeaning a nation’s dignity.”

The Quds Force commander then noted Trump’s “baseless” threats to hurt Iran in a way “few throughout history have suffered before”, telling Trump to ask US intelligence and security agencies about the country’s inability to hurt Iran; “what could you have done against Iran in the past 20 years that you haven’t done already? At the end, the victory belonged to the Iranian nation,” said Soleimani.

“We are ready,” said the Quds Force commander, adding “you know that this war would mean the destruction of all of your resources. You might start the war, but we would be the ones ending it.”

“Ask your then commander about whom he sent to me to beg for coverage for the American troops against the attacks of Iraq’s Mujahideen Army until they could leave the country. Have you forgotten that you used to get adult diapers for your soldiers operating US tanks? Now you are threatening the great country of Iran? On what background are you exactly basing your threats?”

Soleimani went on to stress that the US committed the most horrid crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, adding “what you did in Abu Ghraib prison will forever be your stigmata.”

The Iranian commander then counted the US' many failures in the wars it waged or backed against Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Gaza.

“There is no need for Iran’s Armed Forces to get involved,” said Soleimani. “I myself and the IRGC’s Quds Force are enough to face you as an adversary.”

“Mr. gambler Trump! I’m telling you that we are close to you exactly where you wouldn’t think [that we are],” said Soleimani.

“Don’t threaten us with killing,” he said. “We are thirsty for martyrdom and eradicating Arrogance.”


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