Saudi rulers, along Zionists epitomes of aggression, murder in ME: Ghasemi

TEHRAN, Apr. 11 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi condemned the new remarks of Saudi crown prince and advised the Saudi rulers to take heed of history and see how murderers and criminal dictators of the region were toppled.

“Saudi rulers have made themselves as notorious as Zionist regime’s officials in being epitomes of crime and aggression in the region” said Bahram Ghasemi, the Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, on Wednesday.

The Iranian diplomat made the remarks after Saudi crown prince made new anti-Iranian claims this time in a visit to France.

“Those who have placed their names and countries in the list of the murderers and aggressors of the region and are considered the same with notorious aggressive and murderous dictators of the region like Saddam should know that levelling baseless and illusionary accusations or bringing up hallucinatory claims will not change the fact that the countries and nations of the region along with whoever who monitors regional developments, are aware of Saudi Arabia’s role in creating, spreading, and arming  extremist pro-violence terrorists who have emerged in different eras with different names like Al-Qaeda, ISIL and so forth and have committed numerous murders and humanitarian catastrophes in some neighboring, regional, and world countries,” reiterated Bahram Ghasemi.

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman urged the Saudi officials to have retrospective look at what happened to their staunch regional ally, Saddam, the notorious dictator of Iraq who oppressed Iraqis for 24 years of a tyrannical police state, to take their lesson from the not so past contemporary history of the region that buying security from cross-regional countries will not have a happy ending.

He commented that the current moves of bin Salman are temporary short term solutions to help the Saudi monarch last for a longer time in the face of growing domestic discontent and international notoriety for war-crimes in Yemen.


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